I am getting headaches from a lot of things, besides the migranes I get, and besides the fact I think I am coming down with something again! But people can give you headaches, and paper work and a lot of things… like the VA for example… make you go to the place the person was discharged or where they enlisted to get all the infomation you want is just wrong… or the fact it takes 2 weeks to get a dd214… the governement needs an overhaul… I know put me in charge trust me stupid people won’t exist in government anymore… and I will make processes people friendly… oh and free money for school… like me who wants to finish their degree but the government is making sure the poor stay poor… that that I consider my self poor, I just don’t have 60k to get get my four year degree…


Would anyone read this I wonder

Not would anybody read this blog but this story I am writing, it has helped me get though some of this just typing out the words I wrote, I started these stories long ago never finished them, they were for some classes in high school, one was for a class in college, but I don’t think anybody would want to read them… one as I said is about a serial killer profiler, she has to find a killer before he finds her… and the other is a vampire one… I started that one in grade school but have written it over again… I like it, it is funny…

Songs keep coming into my head

Songs are still coming into my head, like God Bless America, and Fly like an Eagle, and others, kind of weird, I haven’t been listening to music, but that is the way it goes I guess. I am getting more writing done at work, and other things done, then I do when I have nothing to do like when I go home, and sit there with a few hours ahead of me before I decide to go to bed. BONES IS ONE TONIGHT!!! And I don’t get to watch it until Friday night sometime, most likely Tuesday because I work and I tend to do nothing when I get home… Late

Things are still having to be done

Still doing a lot of things… found out today must have a meeting with our lawyer on Friday morning… anyways though it was just a hard day. I finally got caught up on some of my shows… BONES!!!!…. and Levarage, still waiting for House to be posted on fox.com. Project Runway also haven’t completly seen about half way though, can’t wait for next Bones!! Friday morning it will be on fox.com… going to try to get friday night off so I can go to BINGO with my family… later.

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Furture

I have random songs just flying into my head today and I haven’t listened to any music for over a month now… just at work right now, but since it is slow I have time to write, I am writing some of the stories I wrote when I was younger over, so they are more adult, there is one about a serial killer and the profilier, another is about an ex marine who gets into some trouble and her family is killed, and another has vampires demons and werewolves in it, I started writing the vampire one when I was aobut 10 so I have some work to do, the other two were for high school classes. Anyways back to the jukebox in my head for now… the voices are keeping me company… lol just joking I am not crazy… or am I?


Well I am at work yet again my family is at the cattle congress I wish I was there, I remember being young and going with my mom and dad it was the most fun a child could have, I remember walking around the animals and the butter cows, getting taffy eating those yummy mini donuts and grabbing about a million free knickknacks at the booths, playing those stupid can’t win games but dad would win us something and it was like getting gold. I try to get though the days but when I sit alone with nothing to say nothing to do, or I get bored with my distraction, I have memories flood me, like the time I was 7 my dad made me a Barbie cake, it was a seven layer blue cake that he took a Barbie and stuck it in the top of the cake, another time, my brother was born and mom and him came home on my 5Th birthday and we were play hide and seek or something (me and the others were playing not the new baby) but my sister fell and hit her head and stopped breathing and we had to call the ambulance dad left to go over to kwik star for something came back they went up to the hospital, a very dramatic birthday! But my dad made up for it he took me to see Bambi in the theater just me and him then there was a cake and presents! I have had good birthdays since but those are a couple of my best, this last being the worse being the first without dad, these holidays are going to suck dad liked thanksgiving, he hated Christmas but that is to be expected, his parents were killed in an accident on Christmas Eve and my brother Mitchell was stillborn on Dec 19Th. Halloween is coming up I remember getting dressed up and my dad was would help I would go a a witch every year, he made the costume for me, I loved it, my face would be painted green and I would have the hat and the broom and 2 bags, one for me and one for the “baby” in the car… that would be my father, or when he walked with us he would have 2 bags one for him and one for one of my siblings, he then would check the candy and take “checking fee” which was certain pieces of candy, like almond joys… people say things happen for a reason but what why take my dad from us, I know things do happen for a reason because if my grandparents had not been killed in the accident when my dad was 16, and his car hadn’t broke down coming back from the Marine Corps my parents wouldn’t have met and had us, but why dad why now he was only 50 and it is not like any of us is leaving or any of us are coming back home we are all in Waterloo, so the reason I know now hopefully it I won’t have to wait to long to find out. The image is a nine pointed star, which I am going to get a tattoo of, one point for me and each of my siblings!