You whisper your secrets in my ear
Because you are too afraid to face your fear
As a woman I am dead to you
But my heart it still loves you true
I know I should leave
But the pain would cause me to grieve
my heart is full of the creases you made
Leave now and let them please fade
I just want to pick up the pieces
As my love for you decreases
But you stay as I fade away
Soon my heart will start to decay
I am dead to you
My heart loves you true

Book one

I just hit the forty thousand word mark and I am about half way though the first book it has been kinda easy up to this point with the story I started this story one in the beginning of April to get over some writers block on another story but I am loving this one a lot more I have a basic outline for the ten books and what main events are in each so book one should be finished next month sometime if I don’t run into any issues.  Wish me luck!