Erin O’Hara – O’Conaill

Erin O’Hara was born on March 21st 1070, to Agnes Bridget (McBride) O’Hara and to Bernard Christopher O’Hara. Her mother was the witch of the village, they came to her for everything she was a Healer. Her father was human, and was killed by a monster. Erin O’Hara was raised by her mother and schooled at a local magical school Dublin’s School for the Magical Arts. She is a Spirit Elemental. She graduated in 1091. She studied under her mother who was a Healing Master, as well as Divination Master Madam Catherine Campbell, and Electrokinesis Master Sara O’Cuinn. She found out during her 20 years trying to master her skills that her father was killed by a werewolf, so she talked her sister Arima O’Hara into joining her on a hunting trip to find the wolf that killed their father. Arima agreed. They were close on the wolves trail, when they were attacked by the back. Arima was dying, Erin could not lose her so she preformed a dark magic spell causing her to become in immortal. It drained all color from Arima’s skin leaving her pale white, it also changed Erin’s skin to a deep dark chocolate, since the spell was considered the darkest of magic. The pack head was going to kill Erin, but his son, Evan O’ Conaill fell for her, upon laying his eyes on her. So he bit her, turning her to an immortal werewolf. Erin took many years convincing that they only kill when hunted. That they were not the monsters that myths made them out to be. Erin agreed to marry him in 1125. They moved to America where they both got jobs at Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts, and soon Erin and her sister-in-law opened Madam Wolf Divination shop in Marcus Village. Erin missed Arima and convinced her to come to America where she too got a job at the school. Erin left the school for the meeting of the werewolves where they argued about who to follow. But in the end Erin and Evan were able to convince the wolves to swear their loyalty to the side of Goodness. And to fight the Darkness that was coming the world’s way. TO BE CONTINUED…

Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Jr.

Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Jr. was born March 25th 1992 to Sandra Alexandra (Porter) and Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoi Sr.  He has a gift for premonitions having his first visions when he was only a toddler.  He knew of his connection with Katy Lily before she was ever born.  He does not understand the connection fully, but he knows he must be there for her.  He went to Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts graduating in 2011.  He is studying under Potions Master Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Sr, Healing Master James Porter, and Pyrokinesis Master Azra Curran.  In 2013 he put his studies on hold and joined the United States Marine Corps, signing up for two years.   To Be Continued…

Camp NaNoWriMo!!!

In a few days I am going to start NaNoWriMo and on my facebook page I am allowing my fans to choose my story 🙂   Comment with the one you want to see 🙂

Blurb 1: Remember Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
“I walked through the stones at my local cemetery looking for just one. But the ghosts knew I was there, they talked in my ear, telling me of their stories and the one I searched for was far from my grasps, as all who lived in this small cemetery had the right for their stories to be heard. These are their stories, as well as my own, as I search for who these lost souls were, and who I am.
My name? I don’t know. That is the problem. I woke up in the hospital with no identity, no family, no nothing. However I did find out one thing. I see ghosts. Well just not ghost but everything supernatural. So why am I in this cemetery? Because the last ghost told me to find a tombstone. A very specific tombstone… My tombstone.”

Blurb 2: Remember Copyright 2011 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
“Katyla, is responsible for one of the worst creations of the supernatural world… she created a race of Vampires… She lived as a ruler until she met a young Wiccan, whom her son had fallen in love with, and she was shown the errors of her ways. She fought to change the laws of her vampiric race, but her best friend who ruled by her side would not allow it. He destroyed her life. He killed her son in front of her, he killed her pregnant daughter in law, her life destroyed before her. But she placed a curse upon Argos, her former best friend. Cursed him with the fact her son, Marcus, would be reborn and when he was of age he would remember the things Argos had done, and would raise his army once more and finally destroy Argos and his way of life. Watch as Marcus once more lives and Katyla is on a mission to not only save her son’s life once more, but try to save the human race…”

Blurb 3: Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
“The icy air was cutting into her lungs, just as the ice, snow and gravel was cutting into her back. I just kept watching, there was nothing I could do, though I am an angel, I could not stop this attack. She was trying to keep her eyes away from his face. From looking at him, for seeing the blackness of his eyes, and the jagged tooth smile he had while he hurt her. It was a demon straight from hell, they have the power to leave hell and destroy. I was an angel and could not leave. She was about to give up. I felt it. So I fell. I destroyed the demon. I heard the sirens then nothing. God had chosen my fate. I would remember nothing. I would remain forever a Fallen Angel.”

The Rise Review

The RiseThe Rise by Joshuah Buckle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Rise by Joshuah Buckle
My body lay in the dark alley, broken and bruised. Rain softly dripped down the brick walls, and over my beaten form. I had no memories of anything that had happened before I woke, and I was alone, with no idea where I was.

Josiah wakes in a world that is new to him, and is unaware of the dangers that hide within it. He is hunted by two Rangers, and a separate group, who seem to know everything from his past. When he befriends Leneya, whose job as a Ranger is to hunt Josiah, he learns that the world he woke up in isn’t only what it seems to be.

He soon finds himself torn; between the life he was meant to lead, and the path he wishes to choose for himself. It is in the midst of this struggle that he discovers what dark purpose he was created for.

‘The Rise’ is Josiah’s story; one of inner conflict and of the timeless battle between good versus evil.   

I bought this awhile ago on a recommendation I finally got around to reading it.  I thought it was a very interesting read, in the fact it made me want to continue reading.  It is a great concept and a great plot to the book.  Some parts felt a little forced, but it is well written, and the plot line allows you that suspense you need to continue with reading the book.  I don’t do spoilers so I won’t say much about the plot.  But You can’t really go wrong with having this book in your collection.  I am a big fan of good v. evil though when I am writing I try to avoid reading since good v. evil is my main theme in about 95% of my writing.  But since this was recommended I thought why not, most of my work is in the editing process and I had some time to kill before going back to work on my 3rd book for a series (5th over all).  And I wasn’t disappointed.  It kept me entertained, and allowed me to leave my worlds behind for a few hours (I speed read).  I will be checking out more of his work as it becomes available. 

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