Chapters 1 and 2, Red Moon, Paths of the Spirit series #2

I can’t wait for this 2nd book!!!! The first book Black Lace was great!!!!!

Author J.V.K.

Chapter 1

Vivian woke up and realized how painful it was for her to move, she was shaking and the needle in her arm was cutting her. Her right eye was badly swollen and her lip was cracked as well, her face was dark purple and her gentle pale skin was covered in ugly yellow-blue bruises. She swallowed the tears and the painful moan in her throat.

Aaron loudly closed the book he was reading, it smelled of old leather and sheets. On the leather binding was carved the symbol that was tattooed on the back of her shoulders – two burning suns, the little one was laid in the big one and its rays were curling in elegant lines. He left the book on the nightstand next to her pendant as he stood up and leaned towards her.
“You are healing much slower since we arrived in Europe,” he…

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