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Because I have nothing better to do at work these are covers and mock covers of my published works and my WIPs They are all copyrighted and all rights reserved.  Enjoy! 

DELAYED WIP (Wanted to do more than I had)

Demonic Savior First Three Chapters

Since this was supposed to be out a long time ago and I got writer’s block I decided to present to you the first three chapters of Demonic Savior and the cover as it is awesome!  

Demonic Savior
Katherine Rochholz
Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz
Published By E.A.R. Publishing Company
Waterloo, IA
Publisher’s Note
All rights reserved as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.  No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without first obtaining the permission of the copyright holder.
This is a work of fiction.  Any similarity to persons living or dead (unless explicitly noted) is merely coincidental.
Cover by J.V.K.
God Our Savior…
wants men to be saved and
to come to a knowledge of the truth.
1 Timothy 2:3-4
This is for my Great-Grandmother:
Bridget Agnes Campbell
You were taken home before I got to have my memories but sometimes when the time is just so or a smell hits my nose…
I can sense you…
I think of you.
      “We are gathered here to celebrate the life of Daniella Alexandra Cosette…”  The priest spoke with a deep sadness. 
      He stood at the back and watched as the family grieved for the lost life.  He had walked up and looked upon the face of the girl that was to save the world.  He was skeptical.  She looked too young.  Too perfect.  Then again she was no ordinary former mortal.  He wondered if he could convince her; as was his task.
      He just stood and watched as people, who were about to thrown into hell itself, grieved for the person that might save them… or destroy them…
      He turned and left the scene behind.  His time would come… He just hoped he could save her…
Chapter One: Death
      Dani had taken her sixteen year old pain in the ass sister shopping.  And was regretting it.  But thankfully she was dropping Rebecca off at home now.  She had a five hour drive back to her college campus and was not really looking forward to it in the dark.  It was well after midnight once she pulled into her family’s driveway.  “Malika, you have everything for school now?”
      “Yep, thanks Dani!  I am glad I got to spend the day with you.  I hate that you go to college so far away.”
      “Well, it is my last year there.”  Dani told her, as she put the car into park.
      “Really?  I thought you were going to for your doctorate?”
      “I have been in college since I was eleven, Malika.  I need a break.”  I told her.
      “You are just turned nineteen!  You have all the time in the world for a break.”
      “Maybe, but I have been out of place my whole life.  I want to travel a bit.  I have saved up a bit of money and am going to go abroad and take a few writing classes.  Have a holiday fling.  Something normal.”  She told her sister.  She knew Malika would run in and tell their mom and dad.  And she would spend hours fighting with them when they called.
      “But your dream of becoming President!”
      “Is being delayed by a year.  I have to be normal once.  I have a law degree; I have a Master’s degree.  How many nineteen year olds can say they have a J.D. and a master’s?  Not many!  I am smart yes, but I have to live too, I can’t just be a walking encyclopedia.”
      “Whatever.  You have a safe drive I have to call my boyfriend.”  Malika said as she opened the car door. 
      Dani didn’t know why but she felt like she must get out as well.  “Malika…”  The words died on her lips as she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye.  She barely had time to run around the car before the group of people descended upon Malika as they tried to take her.  “GET OFF HER!”  Dani screamed.  She tried pulled them off Malika. 
      For a brief moment she was successful, Malika was able to get out of their grip.  “Run, Malika!  Inside! Now!”  Dani yelled as the group grabbed her and pulled her towards the center.
      Malika hesitated for just a moment, but then ran to get their parents.  “MOM! DAD!”  But she was too late.  “MOM! DAD!  HELP!”
      Dani watched as her parents ran out the door.  Dani could not speak she had made it to the center.  There was a man above her, his eyes red as blood.  “Please…”  Dani begged.  “Please let me go.  I have everything to live for.
      “No you have everything to die for, young one.  Life begins with death.  Well, true life, true freedom begins with death.”
      “Please…”  Dani begged.  “Don’t…”
      “Sorry, a life for a life.  But don’t worry; I think you shall be reborn.”  The being said as he flashed his fangs.
      “Who are you?”
      “I am your new master.”  He stated as he bit down upon her neck.
      The brief moment of pain caused her to scream.  She could see her parents as they tried to get through the crowd.  But they couldn’t get through, as the man with the blood red eyes drained her of her life.  She started to become cold.  She felt her heart beat as it slowed down, and then the man pressed something lukewarm to her lips.  It had a metallic smell.  Blood!  He was forcing blood down her throat. 
      “Drink it my dear.”  The being stated to her.  “Drink it and you shall be forever mine.
      Dani tried to struggle, but it was no use as the blood flowed down her throat and her heart stopped beating.  It was as if time stood still with the last beat of her heart.  She could see everything as it was, the world was dark and cold.  The beings ran and the being that had killed her dropped her lifeless body to the ground.  With her last breath she fell to the ground and the last thing she saw was her family screaming as they turned her over; tears ran down their cheeks and fell upon her lifeless corpse.
Chapter Two: Reborn
      “We are gathered here to celebrate the life of Daniella Alexandra Cosette…”  The priest spoke with a deep sadness. 
      Dani could hear the words spoken over her.  She didn’t know how; after all she was dead.  She couldn’t move.  It was like she was stuck.  She wanted to scream.   She wanted to let them know she was alive.  Or at least her brain was; after all she couldn’t feel her heart beat.  Her heart wasn’t beating.  She was dead.  But her brain was stuck.  It was like she was asleep but she could hear everything.  But she could not see them.  She heard her family crying.  Her few friends whispered their grief amongst themselves.  Why couldn’t she wake up?  She wanted to wake up.  She wanted to be with them.  Their pain had hurt her more than she was scared about being buried while her mind was alive.
      She wanted to scream.  She heard them as they started to lower her coffin into the vault.  Oh God…  She was buried alive… Why couldn’t she scream?  How did she hear them… she heard them!  She heard the cries… She heard the vault being sealed and she heard the dirt as it filled her grave.  Then she heard nothing but the settling of the dirt and the bugs as they moved around the vault.
      She tried to will herself to move.  But she could not get her body to move.  She laid there and listened to the deafening silence of the death.  She didn’t know how long she laid there.  But soon a different feeling came over her.  A feeling of extreme thirst.  She tried again to move, this time she was able to move about!  She knew she had to escape.  She pounded on the coffin and soon the wood gave.  And she sat in a pile of broken wood and inside a porcelain vault.  She had to think for a moment about how she was would be able to escape from the sealed vault. 
She thought for a moment, there was little air in here and soon she would run out.  She knew she would have to try to push the vault door… to slide it off then hope she could dig through the dirt before it killed her.  She pushed on the vault door… she tried to slide it.  But it did not work.  She started to panic.  She pushed against the vault door like a crazy woman… it gave!  Just a bit, but she was able to move her fingers to the top of the vault and push.  She made a space wide enough for her to dig herself out as the dirt quickly filled the hole she created. 
She dug through and finally, after what seemed like hours she broke through and gasped for breath.  She didn’t notice the man that stood above her until she spoke.
      “Dani, are you fine?”  The man asked.
      “Of course I am not fine!  I just dug myself out of a grave!  Who are you?”  Dani asked the man that stood above the grave… stood above her grave.
      “I am the darkness, which has invaded your soul.”  The being responded, with a twinkle in his eye.  She knew he had spoken a lie.
      Dani was confused.  “What is your name?  And who are you really?”
      “Zen.  Who I am will be answered shortly.”
      “You are not the one that killed me.”
      “No, I am the one assigned to find you, to train you.”
      “That is what the King wants.”
      Dani looked at Zen.  He was handsome, young, maybe twenty, his dark hair seemed to pop against the pale youth of his face, but what caught her attention most was his eyes; his eyes, the bluest things she had ever seen.  They seemed to shine with life.  “What am I?”  Dani knew she was no longer human.  Her heart laid lifeless in her chest.
      “A vampire.”
      “Are you?”
      “No, far from it.”
      “Is your king the one that killed me?”
      “No.  My King is the one that wants to save you.”
      “Because you shall save the children of angels.”
      “Your sister is one.”
      “Yes, she was given to your mother and father, adopted.  She is the child of one of the seven virtues and an archangel.”
      “And me?  How do I figure into this?  Besides being a monster.”  Dani hated what she was already, vampires are demons, or they were in the stories, she always thought they were just stories.  Now she knew they were real.  She is living proof… well, undead proof.   She did not want eternal life.
      “You are the daughter of Lucifer himself.  However you have a choice.  You can choose to be on God’s side or Lucifer’s.  That is why the child of Chastity was given to you, to be your sister.  Malika, daughter of Michael, was given to you to help you with your choice, to sway you towards your true destiny.”
      “What if I don’t want to choose?  What if I don’t want this life?”
      “You don’t have a choice.  You must choose.  I will be your trainer if you choose to side with God.”
      “Zen, I should have known.”  A dark gravelly voice came from the shadows.  “Her highness always chooses his favorite.”
      “Zeith.”  Zen said in a way of greeting.  “Zeith shall be your trainer if you choose to side with Lucifer.”  There was a deep sadness in his voice when he said Zieth’s name.
      “Brother don’t sound so hurt about it.”
      “Zeith we both choose a side.  I chose our creator.  You chose The Morning Star.”
      “We have prophesized her.  She will drain the mutts of angels and shall become Lucifer’s right hand, leading the vampires, leading the world into darkness…”  Zeith lowered his voice.  “For eternity…”
Dani sat on the ground shocked.  She had just dug herself out of her grave.  She was a vampire and she had to choose between good and evil…  Oh and to make things more messed up, her sister was the daughter of angels.  Life could not get much worse… Then she realized… she had no life… she was dead.  A dead being that just dug herself from her grave.  She looked at Zen, and where he was light, Zeith was dark, except for his hair.  Zieth studied her as she studied him; he had blonde hair and black eyes with red pupils.  His skin was deeply tanned.  “What are you?”
      “I am a demon of course.  A damned angel.  And Zen here is my twin brother.  He is the ‘oh so perfect’ twin.”  Zeith responded.
      “An angel…?”  Oh God, this could not be true.  She passed out studying her mythology notes.  She tried to pinch herself, but before she could, the coldness of her skin shocked her. 
       “Yes, I am an Angel, an Earth Angel.  I am bound to the Earth.”
      “For you.  Our Creator, Dani, is a fair and loving King.  She created us to be happy.  However, your father, The Morning Star, has other ideas.”
      “Do not listen to him.  You are designed to drain the mutts… The children of Angels… You were born to leave a trail of blood in your wake… You, Daniella, are the queen of death!”  Zeith proclaimed.
      “I do not want that!  I am dead!”
      “You will get over it.”  Zeith said.
      “Death is not something you can get over… Ever… Some people think you can… You can’t… Death is forever… Even if you do come back from the grave…”  Zen said to Zeith, he noticed the pain in Dani’s eyes.  Death was final… but she was cursed to be one of the undead.
      “I want to find the man who destroyed my life and watch the blood red of his eyes cloud over with the white veil of death.”  Dani said without thought. 
      “Be careful what you wish for Dani.”  Zen stated.
      “I can help you with that.  You know you want to be dark.  Darkness is the path to revenge.  Darkness is in you blood, Daughter of The Morning Star, darkness is yours to reap and sow!”
      “Revenge is the path to eternal damnation!”  Zen yelled back.
      “Oh and the lighted path you travel is so fantastic?  You walk on Earth until the end of time.  Just because you feel guilt over not being have to ‘save’ me.”  Zeith rolled his eyes and even did air quotes around the word save.
      “You are my twin.  My brother! I should have been able to save you from the punishment you were dealt!  I should have been able to convince you to side with God over her so called perfect being, Lucifer!”  Zen was upset.  Zeith knew how to push his buttons.
      “Hell isn’t so bad.  I get to come up here a lot and corrupt innocent young mortals and gain their souls.”  Zeith responded.  “Like young Dani here… At least the souls I gain get to have a bit of fun before they burn in hell.”
      “I will not burn in hell.”  Dani pulled herself the rest of the way out of her grave.  “I did nothing wrong.  I did not, I repeat did not, ask for this.  I will gain my revenge but the only being I am going to destroy is the monster that did this to me.  Then after that I…”  Dani didn’t know what to say.  She didn’t have any answers about her life anymore.  And there was a dark thirst that burned her throat.  “I am thirsty.”
      “The mortals and mutts is what you are thirsting for, you want their life.  Their souls!  You want to drain that life from them and enjoy it.  Embrace your destiny.”  Zeith said.
      “We will get you something to drink Dani once you have made your choice.”
      “I will not kill my sister.  I will not kill any being except the one that destroyed me.”  Dani said with a determination.  She tried to steady herself, but she was still disoriented. 
      Zen grabbed a hold of her to steady her.  “She has made her choice Zeith.  You should leave.”
      Zeith left.  Dani had made her choice.  “I will be back.  You may feel that way now.  But you are a princess in hell.  The daughter of Lucifer.”  Zeith disappeared and left Zen and Dani, as they stood over her grave.
      Dani took a moment before she spoke.  “What did Zeith mean I am born from Lucifer?  My dad is the devil?  He isn’t my biological father is he?”  Dani looked at Zen, he seemed to sweating more than Satan in a confessional; of course part of her can’t believe she just asked him that question either but it was not out in the open.  She couldn’t take the question back and wouldn’t take it back.  She needed to know the truth about her family.
      “Your parents made a deal with a being, a demon, for a child.  Lucifer knew that he would never have his child raised by the mother that gave birth to you; after all she was easily corruptible.  He allowed the demon to make the deal, placing you in your parent’s hands.”
      “What did they give Lucifer?”
      “They agreed to give him their natural born children if they should have any.  They never did.  We wanted to make sure that we could give you a chance at redemption, all souls deserve a chance, even if they are born from Lucifer himself.”
      “So they sent my sister?”  Dani was confused.
      “Yes they sent you the mortal child of angels to give you your chance.  They also placed a curse upon you.  You can drain the children of the angels that are on Earth for you to protect and thus giving the Earth up to your biological father.  Or you can save them.”
      “Well that is where I come in.  I shall train you to battle the demons that wish to kill the children.”  Zen grabbed Dani’s and lead her from the cemetery.  “But there is time for more information.  We have a long road ahead of us young Dani.”
      “I am thirsty.”  Dani couldn’t focus.  There was a deep burning thirst that threatened to consume her.
      “I will get you something Dani.  Trust me.”  Zen said with a twinkle. 
      Dani didn’t know why but she did trust him.  Maybe it was the knowledge that he was an angel, but something within her soul told her that he could be trusted.  “Okay.”
      “Come.”  Zen said and placed her in the car that waited outside the gates.  “We have much to do.  But first we have to go hunting.”
      Dani was confused but didn’t question it as she settled into the leather seat of the car.  And watched as Zen drove out of town, from the only home she had ever known.  From the place that held onto her life.  After all she was now a member of the undead…
Chapter Three: Revelation
      “Dani, you have to eat.”  Zen said as he threw the deer on the ground.
      “You said the thirst is burning your throat.  It has been three days!  You have to eat.  I am not going to continue hunting if you don’t eat.  You will waste way the demons will win.”
      “It is all about demons this and demons that.  I don’t even understand how I am standing here, let alone that I am supposed to save the bloody children of the angels!  Can’t they save them themselves?  They are angels after all!  That is the only reason you are keeping an eye on me!  All you want me to do is save the poor weak children of the angels.”  Dani was mad, they had spent about 2 and half days traveling, during the day she spent time in the back under a blanket as the sun did truly burn her, and it is not let she hadn’t tried to drink the blood, but she just couldn’t drink it.  It made her physically sick, she just hadn’t told Zen about that yet.
      “Dani…”  Zen changed his tone of voice.  He came and took her hand and sat down with her on the glider.  “You have to eat.  I worry for you.  You will not die, you will waste away, and someone can easily kill you.  That wouldn’t be good for many reasons, least of all the fact it would mean you are truly gone from this Earth.”
      “And the children of angels would die, and you will have failed and you will have to punish yourself some more.  What if I don’t care?”  Dani pushed him away from her.  But he was correct she was weak.
      “You care for your sister.  If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for her… for me…”  Zen grabbed her hand again and turned her to face him.  “It isn’t just about them, it isn’t just about me; it is all about you.  You are special rather or not you know it Daniella Alexandra Cosette.”  Zen said, as he pushed a strand of loose hair behind her ear.
      “Zen… I can’t eat…”  Dani confessed.
      “But you must!”
      “No you don’t get it I can’t.  I have tried when you aren’t looking.  It makes me so sick, I throw it all up.”
      “Your body is rejecting the blood?”
      “Okay…”  Zen allowed the worry to flash in his eyes, but before Dani could comment it was gone.  “We will just have to find you other food.”  Zen stood up. 
      “Where are you going?  You haven’t eaten yet.  And you promised me answers today.”  Dani said and stood up with him.
      “There are more important things than food for myself right now.”  Zen said, concern showed in his eyes.
      “You will not get out of explaining to me how I have come to be.  I wan to know why I am a vampire.  Why I am talking, breathing, walking, why I seem like myself, but my heart doesn’t beat.  I burn in the sun, my skin has a bluish tint, and I have fangs…”  Dani stated as she stood her ground.
      “I will tell you, but let me try to find you something you can eat.  You are weak.  You should be able to move faster than you are, you should be able to put me under your thrall but you can’t, because you haven’t fed.  You need to feed.”
      “Fine, you have until an hour before dawn.  Then I am coming to find you.  And I will get my answers.”  Dani stated and moved inside the cabin, and left Zen to his precious mission.
      Zen didn’t know what to think.  He knew that Dani needed blood, but her body was rejecting animal blood.  He had no choice… He had to find human blood.  There was a hospital about three hours away; hopefully they had what he needed.
      Dani sat at the kitchen table.  They were in the middle of nowhere.   She looked at the clock it was two in the morning and Zen had been gone for only an hour.  Dani was bored.  She had cooked, cleaned and read all the books in the house.  She was about to try the deer blood again when she heard a noise.  It was a swishing sound.  Then she heard first steps on the porch.  She froze and waited.
      Dani could hear the being outside the door.  She knew it wasn’t mortal.  There was no heartbeat, like her, it breathed slowly in and out, out of habit.  She waited, and though a moment ago she was scared to death… now she had a faint calm come over her.  She knew however was on the other side would be the one that would not be walking out of here.  She stopped her breathing.
      The being on the other side knew his prey was in there, but the master wanted her alive.  Pity, it would be so much easier to kill her.  The breathing inside stopped.  The being could not make out where the baby vampire was at no longer.  But it didn’t matter soon the master would have her by his side.  And his bid for power will reach the end.  The being lifted their foot and kicked in the door.  The door flew across the room and crashed through the wall on the other side.
      Dani knew the moment before they made their move.  She didn’t stop to think about the show of strength the being just showed.  Not if she wanted to live.  She moved quickly around and brought the cast iron skillet down on their head the moment he broke through the door.  They fell to the floor with a thud.  The blood seeped from their head was a bluish and Dani’s thirst flared to life.  She was unaware of what she was doing until after it was over. 
      Dani stood and looked at the body, what once had been a handsome male, of some sort of being, as it withered away to nothing but ash.  She had drained it.  And the thirst that had been burning in her throat since her death was now calm.  Still there in the back, but not as insistent as it once had been; but she craved more of the sweet blood that she had just consumed.  But she had just killed a being and what disturbed her the most, was how easy it was to do it.  The man went from being an animate creature to dust because of her actions.   This had to be a nightmare.  She wasn’t really a monster.  This had to be just a nightmare she thought and crawled into bed, she didn’t even bother to clean up the dust or fix the house.  She had to sleep.  She knew that everything would be better when she work up.  She wouldn’t be a monster, and everything would be clearer in the fresh light of a new dawn.

Blood and Water Mock Cover

I have been writing on Blood and Water for years!  It is something that I normally don’t write (I am a fantasy and Sci-Fi and Horror type writer) and to help motivate me I have finally come up with a Mock Cover of Blood and Water.  It is created using my own photos and a public domain photo so all rights reserved peeps.  I won’t be posting a excerpt with this because the one I like would contain spoilers.  Spoilers Sweetie Spoilers!  Anyway enjoy the Mock Cover!

Support of a Fellow Author

So as you know I am big on supporting other people and one of the people I support is Author A.L. Burgos and he is trying something new!  A weekly to bi-weekly blog that will be a new chapter each week on a book! A very interesting concept and one I have never tried, but the concept is fascinating!   Anyways I would like you to go support him and follow his blog, if you will please.  Click Here For In This Town by A.L. Burgos  Just go take a look and if it sounds interesting to you click the lovely follow button and enjoy!  In This Town by A.L. Burgos: Jason wants to start a new life after his wife died. He decides to move to a small town with his son and daughter but soon finds out that maybe it was a mistake. The town is full of deep dark secrets. He tries to keep to himself but is soon dragged into someones sick twisted game. He must obey or his family is in danger. Will he find out who is messing with him or will he lose this game

Corruption? By Katherine Rochholz Coming Soon!

Corruption? A Katy Lily Companion By Katherine Rochholz Copyright All Rights Reserved Coming soon!

Senka Poe could not wait to go to Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts. She never imagined she might not finish. But fate had other plans for her… A plan she couldn’t find the strength to ignore… or deny. But sometimes things are not what they seem and her life will go from a dream to a nightmare… A choice will have to be made… But can she turn her back on what she wants? Does she have the strength to turn her back on the corruption of her soul? Can she find the light within the darkness evading her life? Senka is about to find out…

She loved him more than her soul… but she wasn’t about to risk her child’s… Turn her back on the corruption of her soul? Can she find the light within the Darkness evading her life? In its purest form can she resist Corruption?

Excerpt from Blood and Water Copyright 2015 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved

Excerpt from Blood and Water Copyright 2015 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved

“Hope. What a word. Hope and Happiness. It was long ago I left those words behind. But the end has got to come. I feel numb. I know it is always the darkest before the dawn, but it is always the brightest before the sunset. And I fear the sun has set on my happiness. I am numb and I don’t know if I have anything left. Oh God, take me to a different place. A place with home, love and happiness. A different place from this war I fight, both the physical war and the one I fight internally. Where my love is in my arms once more and this war never started. I gave it all way for what I believe is right and look what I left behind. My husband, my heart. I have lost so many moments of my life for this war. How I wish I could leave behind these chains that are imprisoning my soul. But most wouldn’t call them chains, they would say it is my conscience telling me to do what is right. But I hate this war. My children live in fear. In a war zone. I wish I didn’t fear what was to come. I wish I didn’t have regrets. But I do. God help me to understand, because I am numb and I am coming upon my darkest moments. I could have refused to leave my life. But these chains that imprison my soul would have killed my soul instead. I just want to see another day of peace, is that too much to ask? Because I have been a good solider in this war. If I push forward maybe I will get to see the other side. Help me God to push forward.. Walk with me. Take my hand, before I come undone. Because my darkest days have yet to come. And I am numb now what will happen when the days get darker? What is pass numb> Because I can never be an optimist. A hoper. A dreamer. That isn’t me, no matter what is said about my hopes for the United States. I am no dreamer of the impossible, a hoper of the far-fetched dreams or a happy optimist. I am a realist and I realistically know I am going to die in this war and will never see the dawn after all this darkness. But a part of me still prays that I get to see the other side. So God, even though I am number and a harbinger take my hand and help me keep that small flame of hope alive in me while I fight this war of dead dreams. While I try to find the dawn of the new day in this war I march in.” 


I am iffy on this excerpt what are your thoughts?

Katy Lily Book 3 The Veil Lifts Copyright Katherine Rochhlolz All Rights Reserved Chapters 1-3

Here is a sneak peak of the the first 3 chapters of The Veil Lifts Katy Lily Book 3 Years 3/4 Please Enjoy:

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Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz
Published By E.A.R. Publishing Company
Waterloo, IA
Publisher’s Note
All rights reserved as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.  No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without first obtaining the permission of the copyright holder.
This is a work of fiction.  Any similarity to persons living or dead (unless explicitly noted) is merely coincidental.
ISBN 978-1-300-45997-2

You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
~Edgar Allen Poe

This is for
My Cousins
Darby and Aaron Harn


In a place ten thousand miles away, a woman cried.  She could feel the pain of Katy, and she knew now was the time to come back.  Truths must come out and now was the time to figure out a way to leave.  Her powers may have been striped but this child needed her.  She looked around at her, and used the only power she had left.  The power to tell the bone changers from other prisoners, well the power to see past lies and spells.  She watched the large bat like creatures, with their pale greenish yellow skin and blood red eyes, their mouth full of sharp bat like fangs, their rotting flesh hung from their bony body, their wings now rotted away, holes where there was once flesh.  The bone changers once human cursed to this state because of the crimes they had committed.  She would not allow that to be her fate.  But first she must remove the binds on her power.  They allow them a bed, a sink and a toilet, and she had also gotten permission to have a mirror.  She looked in it and wondered if Katy would listen.  Would she care?  Would she believe the truth?  She looked at herself, the tattoos once so colorful and vibrant now drained of color.  Her hair once short and spiked and dyed with many colors, was now flat, dull and lifeless blonde as it fell to her waist and she knew what she must do.  She shattered the mirror, picked up the largest piece.  She pulled off her shirt, and looked at the brand, the brand to bind her powers forever.  It had the letters BF in a fanciful script, but they meant bound forever.  She knew that if she cut it off, she would die, unless she reached him.  He would help her.  He believed her.  If she could get to him she would have a chance.  But would her former fiancée give her the time of day now.  Six years ago he stood by her side, did he still to this day?  She would find out.  She took the sharp edge of the mirror and as quickly as she could, cut so deep, that none of the brand would remain.  The piece of skin fell to the floor and she teleported, before the bone changers even realized what she had been up to, she was free.  For now. 
          In a place much closer to Katherine Lillian, a dark figure went to meet another, they went to meet the white being, in the same cemetery that now is home to two Solomons.
          “You swear you power to me? Your loyalty?”  A crackle of a voice stated.
          “Yes, mistress.”  The other women responded.
          “Then make sure, she realizes her power would be much better spent giving into the darkness of her soul.  That together we can rule the world.  Go.”
“It shall be so.”  The two figures disappear into the night.


Chapter One

Back at the Hepburn house, Katy and Gaivan shut themselves into Gaivan’s room and went through every single piece of paper, every scrap, of what was in Edgar’s file on Katy.  “I don’t get it.  It says my aunt killed my mother.  There is no picture of her.  It barely states her name.  It just says her name is Aaliyah Stephaney Poe.  It says she was engaged, but the person’s name is blacked out.  It also mentions that they have a sister and a half-brother but again the names are blacked out.  I don’t get it.  There is no real proof that she killed my mother.  Just that she was in New York at the same time as the accident.  And this says my mother’s body was never found.  I thought they buried her.  That is what the social worker stated anyways.  And I know that Lua and Headmaster O’Cuinn are my family.”  Katy shook her head.  Nothing added up.  Plus they also had received a warning from the Banshee Queen that nothing was as it seemed.  Did that mean that her aunt was innocent?
“Well, maybe we can go and talk to her.  They are allowed visitors.  Or at least Guardians can visit them.  They bind their powers, but the really spooky things are the bone changers.  They have done worse crimes; they are lifers, which change to these creatures, who become the guards of the prison.  They lose their free will, they becoming like rotting bats, but they create an illusion of being normal.  You never know who is a bone changer and who isn’t, they will drain the power of the witch or warlock that they are seeking if they manage to break out.  Which they can’t.”  Gaivan stated.
“Why?”  Katy asked as she went over the laptop Gaivan had borrowed from his mother.  She turned it on and waited for it to boot up.  It was rare that a witch or warlock would have a computer, but the magical community did keep up with technology.  She knew what none of the magical information would be online, but she did know that the normal mortals would have had to report something about an explosion.
“Because, they brand them with a powerful binding spell.  The ones there forever get BF branded into their chest.  If they try to remove they die.  Others get B and a number meaning how many months how long they are in prison for.  As they serve their time the number goes down, once they served their time the brand disappears on its own.  Once that happens they are teleported in front of the elders for their release.  It is really strange.  But it works; the last jail break was over five hundred years ago according to dad, and that person died within minutes of breaking out.  They cut off their brand, and bled out.  It was really bad.  So sad…”  Gaivan stated and walked over to where Katy sat as she searched for news about the day she lost her mother.
“How did they convict my aunt if they only had this for proof?”  Katy was confused.  “The normal news reported it was a gas explosion, that five people died, and my mother’s name is not listed as a victim.  There is not even a Jane Doe listed.”  Kat stated.
“I don’t know.  What did dad say?”
“Nothing that is the problem, he just gave me this folder and then he took off.  He said something was off though.  He said it felt wrong.  I mean I know now it was magical, and since the lights I saw were green I know one came from my mother, and the other from another Earth witch or warlock.  Which my aunt is an Earth.”
“Then something is wrong.  At least they said you could stay here during break.  Sandra and Antonio Sr. are here like every day.  I don’t know what will happen Katy, but I know this, they are going to try to pull us apart.  They are going to try to gain your power again.  After all Solomon tried, Ebony tried, who is going to be next.  Who is going to try to take you away from us this year?  Maybe Sandra and mom are correct, maybe we should consider home schooling this year.”
“No Gaivan; that would mean they won, even a small victory such as that cannot be allowed.  We cannot give them even a chance, a hope, that they can scare us, that they can win.  We won’t allow it Gaivan. We can’t let it happen.”
“No, Gaivan you give them an inch they will take a mile.  We can’t let them win anything.  And if we let them drive us from school then they win.  They would isolate us.  We can’t win this by ourselves.  We need our peers.  I need you stand by me, I need you Gaivan, more than the others, but we need them.  I thought for sure you were going to turn your back on me when I killed Raven.”  Katy said with finality to her words, and went back to trying to decode the papers in front of her.
“Never, I know you did only what you needed too.  Well I understand that now about you.  Why go for the kill?  I never asked.”
“She had you.  She threatened your life.  Do you think Edgar could be keeping some more papers in his study?”  Katy asked as she put an end to the conversation and brought them back to the problem at hand. 
   Chapter Two

The day of her birthday she woke up and again felt a presence outside.  This one had a light to it, sadness and pain could be felt.  She opened her mind to the being; she needed to know who it was before she went outside.  Suddenly she was no longer in her bed.
Katy knew she was inside the memories of the person outside.  She saw a being, whose skin was so pale, that it had to be from lack of sunlight, and the holes in her nose, ears and lips were one could tell there were once piercings.  Tattoos covered her; however they were drained of all color, of all life.  The only thing that covered her was a pair of thorn up pants, no shoes and her long blonde hair.  Kat sat and watched as a man ran out of a small cottage.  Kat looked towards him; he was so tall; he had tattoos just as the person that lay on the ground, his hair black as coal, his eyes just as light as his hair was dark.   “Aaliyah!”  The being yelled as he pulled out his wand and rushed up to her.
“Robert…”  Aaliyah tried to call out, turning over. 
Katy could see there was a large chunk of flesh missing and there was so much blood.  Katy tried to run to her, tried to do something but she couldn’t as this was the past, a memory.  Katy just stood and watched.  Then it hit Katy who Robert was, it was Rob, the old brownie keeper at school.  When he got his powers back it helped transform him back to who he was, a young and powerful Warlock.
“Oh Aaliyah… this was stupid.”  Rob stated, as he took his wand out and started to speak the words needed to try and heal the wound. 
Katy saw the fear in each of their eyes.  Though Katy knew it worked in that memory Katy feared for her aunt’s life.  She wanted to yell out to use phoenix tears or unicorn blood.  “PHEONIX TEARS OR UNICORN BLOOD!”  Katy yelled but she knew that they couldn’t hear her.
Rob still looked up, as if he had heard her, and ran to his cottage and came back with a vial, which looked to contain unicorn blood as it was pure gold.  He took off the cap and dumped the contents on the wound.  It seemed like it worked, but that did not stop him from using anything and everything on the wound.
Aaliyah sat up with a start, and Katy was back in her bed.  The memory ended.
Katy got up and threw on her cloak and her invisibility hat and ran outside.  She stopped in the middle of the yard and looked around; she knew her aunt was here.  But where was she?  Katy opened her mind to find her.  Her eyes snapped open she was right in front of her.  Her aunt was invisible; Katy knew that it was just bending of the lights, which caused the effect.  She knew if she took a moment to stop and think about it, she might think of a spell to use to reveal her aunt.  Katy let her wand slip to her hand and thought of the elements but before she could say anything her aunt became visible.  She had a hat like Katy’s.  “Oh…”
“Katy, I can see you.  It is my special ability.  We all seem to have one in our family.  I see the light bending, I can see past lies, I can see past deceptive spells.  I wish I could just have seen what your mother, my sister was turning into.”  Aaliyah stated as she reached out and took Katy’s hat off.
“My mother is dark isn’t she, she is alive isn’t she?  Raven Ebony said that someone else was the power in the family.”  Katy said and looked up at Aaliyah.  Katy was shocked, though her aunt’s skin with still pale her hair was cut and dyed with bright colors of blue, purple, and red.  The color started to come back to her eyes, and back to the tattoos, and the holes of her piercings were now filled with jewels.
“Oh, my little lost niece, yes, your mother is dark.  I knew what she planned to do, that is why I sought her out.  But when I got to New York, she was prepared for me.  She blew up the square, allowing everybody to think she was killed.  They thought I had done it because I was knocked out and the Guardians swarmed the area before the normal cops could be called.  They threw me into the prison, branding me, without a trial.”
“You shouldn’t be here!  Edgar would have to turn you in!”  Katy said as she grabbed Aaliyah’s hand and tried to drag her off the property, she thought about teleporting, but knew that Edgar would find her.
“Don’t worry, I will leave soon.  But I had to see you.  You are so pretty; I can’t believe how much you have grown.  You had to grow up quickly.  It is not fair to you.  Or your brother or your young friend.  You all are so important to the coming war, I wish I could spare you the pain, but you already know that pain.  The pain of loss, the pain of taking life.”  Aaliyah stated; she didn’t even bother to ask.
“Yes…”  Katy stated and looked up into her aunt’s eyes; she let her see the events that have played out the last two years.
“Oh my Goodness!”  Aaliyah gasped.  “If they weren’t already dead I would kill them myself.  Putting you in that position is a crime!  It is pure darkness.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you are bad, it means you do what you must, and you know that it hurts, but allowing that dark power to remain on this realm is worse.  You did right.”  She stated and grabbed Katy into a hug.  “That is your gift my niece, your strength, your light, don’t worry others may come your way, they seem to come into light around the ages of 15 and 16.”
“Is there nothing we can do to clear your name?”  Katy asked, now that she knew the truth, well some of it.
“Rob is talking to Oeric; let’s see if my headmaster brother can do something this time to protect his niece.  I am surprised Lua hasn’t stepped in, she is the oldest, well Oeric is, he is our half-brother.  I can’t believe they allowed you to remain on the streets.”
Katy was shocked, that her aunt gave information so freely.  “They thought I was dead, but the trace picked up.”
“Oh, that makes sense but why are you living with the Hepburns?  Not Oeric or Lua?”
“I live with the MacCathmhaoils actually.  I am here for the break.  Gaivan Hepburn is my best friend.  And we had the custody trail last year, Headmaster O’Cuinn said he thought it was to dangerous for us to stay with him, and Lua concurred that it was good for us to stay within easy reach of Edgar.  She said she would visit us, but she hasn’t yet, or even sought us out at school, except she told me at the end of the year that she would try to spend more time with me.”
“Oh.  They are a nice family, I hear.  I had to see you on your birthday.”  Aaliyah stated.  “I have something for you.  Rob’s family was holding it for me.”  She stated and took out a pendent.  “It is an aquamarine pendent that has been in our family from the beginning of times.  It was given to the first woman of our family; it was given to her by the queen of the fairies.  This gem was made of the tears of the fairies when Goodness died for our lives.  They said to protect it; it would find its way to Goodness who will know what to do with it when the time is right.  I believe my sister, your mother, is Darkness.  You, of course, would be Goodness.  You know you are.”  Aaliyah said as she took Katy’s chain that held her blue topaz pendent and added the aquamarine one to it, and clasped it back on Katy’s neck.  “You will know what to do with it when the time is right.  But for now I must leave.  You know that truth and that will have to be enough for now.”  Aaliyah stated and hugged Katy.  “Don’t say I was here; pretend that you didn’t know when they tell you of my escape.”  Aaliyah stated with a wink and then teleported out.
Katy smiled and walked back into the house.  Her aunt didn’t kill her mother.  There was a deep sadness that her mother was her enemy but there was also a weight lifted from her.  She had family.  Blood family that would seek her out no matter the cost.  And she would do everything she could to find out information on how she could save her family, her aunt from dying or going back to prison.  Katy went back up and crawled into bed, after all it was only six in the morning.  Katy fell into a dreamless sleep, and knew that no matter what, she had Gaivan and her family, and now she found out information about her mother’s side.  She just hoped that none of them turned out dark.
Chapter Three

Katy woke up as Gaivan jumped on her bed and yelled to get up.  “I am up.”  Katy said and sat up.
“Happy Birthday Katy!”  Gaivan said with a smile.  “What do you want to do?”  Gaivan asked as he thought of the donuts that his mom and Sandra had made for breakfast.
“I have something to tell you first.”  Katy said then started a silent conversation.  “My aunt broke out of prison!”
“What?  How?  How do you know?”
“She came to see me.”  Katy told him as she pulled on her robe to walk downstairs to get breakfast.  “She is innocent.  My mother isn’t dead.”
“My mother is Darkness.  And I think that your father is right.  I am Goodness, but I don’t want that.  I am still hoping it is not true.  After all that means we are all in for a lot of pain.  There is still doubt right?”
“Well it isn’t so bad if you are Goodness.  Your aunt really stated that your mother lived?  And of course this can’t be happening; I mean we are mature children and all.  But we are children.”
“Aaliyah said that the only reason she was caught for murder was mother faked her death.  Mother caused the explosion.  Aaliyah was knocked out cold.”  Katy told him as they walked into the kitchen.  “Good morning!”  Katy said to Edgar, Jane, Antonio Sr. and Sandra.
They all smiled back and said happy birthday.  But Katy could tell there was something they wanted to tell her.  But they all went back to their papers and coffee, as Katy and Gaivan sat down and each grabbed a donut.  “Jerome and Riley went to Marcus’s Valley, they will be back soon.”  Jane stated as she gave them a displeased look at the fact they grabbed the donuts and none of the other breakfast food.  “Now you both have to eat something other than sugar.”
“May I have some orange juice please?” Katy asked.
“Me too mom!  Oh and is there any bacon left?”  Gaivan asked as he turned back toward Katy.  “Go on!”
“Okay, well the blast knocked me against the wall, and Aaliyah was knocked out as well, so when the Guardians got there they took her.  They didn’t see me I guess… Wait if they were first on the scene why didn’t they see me?”
“Katy… I don’t know!  Oh goodness, do you think they are lying?”
“No, I don’t see that… They wouldn’t let a kid live on the streets alone would they?”  Katy thought with a hurt sadness.
“No, I don’t think so.”  Gaivan thought firmly.
“Will you two stop doing that?  It is kind of rude.  Having a mental conversation when we are all at the table.”  Edgar stated.
“Katy was just telling me about a dream of hers.”  Gaivan said and went back to Katy.  “Ignore him go on!”
“Well, anyway, she said she was branded and thrown in prison without a trial.  Oh and get this!  Rob, the brownie keeper, was her fiancé!  And Headmaster O’Cuinn as you know is my uncle; but he is my mother’s half-brother.  Oh and my other aunt is Assistant Headmistress Lua Notte-Preto and Aaliyah thought it was strange that Lua would not be visiting us.  I saw in her silent thoughts.  She thinks something is preventing Lua from visiting.”
“I know right!  Now I know I have more blood family other than the Solomons!  And one of them is willing to risk death to just say Happy Birthday to me!  And the headmaster is avoiding even being alone with me, and of course Lua said she was going to make more of an effort but she is not here today.”
“WOW!  I wonder why they didn’t tell you.  Or why they didn’t take you in…  Dad could easily stop in over there anytime.  Katy they are hiding something aren’t they?”
“Yes.”  But that is all Katy got out before Edgar interrupted them again.
“Okay you two, please stop.  We have something to tell you.”  Edgar stated, as he cleared his throat.  “Katy Lily, your aunt, she…umm… escaped from prison yesterday.”
Katy looked him in the eyes for a moment then said something that shocked even herself.  “I know; she came to see me this morning.  She told me that she was put in prison without a trial.  She told me that my mother is evil, that she faked her death.  But the most interesting piece of information is that the Guardians were on the scene first.  That is why my aunt was arrested.  If you all were on the scene first why wasn’t I found?”  Katy demanded.
Edgar looked her in the eyes, he knew he was bound by an oath, but at this moment he didn’t care.  “I was under orders to leave you.  My boss told me to leave you.  I felt so bad about it.  I thought they moved you from New York City.  I had gone back trying to find you.  My guilt eating at me.  But I couldn’t find you.”  Edgar gave the truth.
Katy looked at him and stood up.  She said nothing, she would have sat back down but Gaivan said something.
“You left her?  How could you leave her to fend for herself?” Gaivan yelled at his father.
“I didn’t want to; my boss said that she would be put in the system, that she had a mortal birth certificate, of course we found out later she did not have a birth certificate at all. But at the time I was told that she couldn’t just disappear.”
“She lived alone on the streets!  The normal mortals did not care!  They hurt her; they left her on the streets!  She stole, she fought to survive and her own people, her own kind left her there!”  Gaivan would have continued to yell but Katy ran out of the room.  “Katy!”  Gaivan moved to follow her, but Jane grabbed him.
“No.”  Jane said simply, as Edgar stood up to go and get Katy.  “Let your father.”
“He just left her.”  Gaivan said simply.
“And he has regretted that choice from the moment he made it.”
Katy ran outside, she couldn’t take the yelling.  She didn’t care.  She knew she should, but she just did not care!  She sat down on the swing, which had long been unused and was deep in thought when Edgar came and crouched in front of her.
“Katy, I am sorry.”
“I am not mad.”
“I know I should be, logically I should be.  If this was even a year ago I would have been.  I would have teleported from the scene, but now, I just don’t have the energy to fight my family.  I don’t have enough energy to be mad, it is so much easier to forgive you, and understand you regretted it, rather than fight about it.”  Katy stated simply.
“You know sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if we had taken you that day.”  Edgar stated.  “I went back.”
“I heard that.  So you had been lying, telling everybody that I was dead.”  Katy didn’t bother to form it as a question.
“Yes.  We kept the lie up, even after we knew otherwise.  The Solomons would have put their claim in, and they would have won five years ago.  You hadn’t had a chance to be with Antonio and Sandra.  There was nobody to fight for you.”
“Why not my uncle and other aunt?”
“Oeric thought it was better you stay away from him.  He couldn’t see the darkness in your mother, or, as everybody thought, Aaliyah.   He felt that he let you down, let down Riley and the rest of the family.  Lua married and pretended to go on with her life, but it ate at her insides that she didn’t know how dark her sister was, that she was dark enough to kill her own child.  However we did finally tell her.  She begged us to find you.  She didn’t give up the search.  Then the trace picked up.  We forgot the trace location went right to Lua, she after all sends out the acceptance letters.  She saw your name and the location that they gave and she was furious.  She went and had a huge fight with Oeric.  Oeric stopped her from getting you herself.  We don’t know how but he also convinced her not to tell the truth when you came to school.  She was forced to stay at a distance from you.  We were trying to draw out the Solomons; we thought if nobody claimed you then they would make their move.”
“They did.  Why not claim me now?  Why keep it a secret.”
“Because they were the ones to discover your mother was still alive, or they do think that she is, but we do not have proof.  If she is, they don’t want her trying to get to you.  So by having you live with us or the MacCathmhaoils they think that they are protecting you.  Well that is Oeric’s thoughts, Lua fights them everyday.  But she stays away in case he is right that someone else will try to take your life.”
“Edgar, I love it here and I love it with the MacCathmhaoils, you all are my family.  But I don’t get why the secrets.  I guess I will understand some day.  I wouldn’t change the fact I live with the Sandra and Antonio Sr., but it would have been nice to know what other people know about me.  I hate finding out about myself secondhand.  Gaivan got mad for me… I didn’t expect that.  He has been a little cold, he doesn’t think I notice but I do, since the whole Raven Ebony thing.  I think there are only two outcomes to the things I have done in concern with my friendship with Gaivan.  Either he is going put an end to the friendship or we become closer.  I don’t like the way it is going.  I know that darkness is in all of us.  But why did I feel the best way to deal with Raven was to throw the dagger at her heart?”
“I don’t know.  We might never know the inner workings of a person’s mind.  But you did what you had to do.  I thank you for that, I couldn’t lose Gaivan.  Gaivan will come around, you will see.”  Edgar said and stood up.  “Now let’s get back to breakfast before Gaivan comes out waving those spells you keep having him learn at me.”  Edgar said with a wink.
The day ended up being very somber, Katy didn’t really want to do much, she was too wrapped up in her own thoughts and of course the file with a lot of black marks.  The only time she really was away from the file was when Gaivan, Jerome and Riley dragged her outside for a snowball fight.  She, for a few minutes, forgot about the pain that was sure to come into her life.  Maybe she shouldn’t have begged for her life, but then again she knew she couldn’t leave her family to fight this war alone.