Lucifer’s Promise: The Nine Gems

WIP: Lucifer’s Promise: The Nine Gems

All Rights Reserved


“Everything changes. Without change we grow stale. You live you change you die. The question is do you let change rule you or do you rule the changes. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger they say. But sometimes what doesn’t kill you should, as death brings change. It doesn’t need to be a physical death, it can be the death of a belief or an idea. A mental death. A spiritual death. But you can’t escape change. If we don’t change we might as well cease to exist. Even as immortals we must change. So when your life changes you have two choices. Lay down and die or fight back and control your changes. Either way you change. Something inside you changes. It can’t be stopped. These mini deaths. The you, you were yesterday died. The you, you are today will die… but you live on as long as you don’t let your destiny control you. If you do you will only know contentment at most and never know the true happiness of life and death. Don’t let change rule you… you rule the changes.” Lucifer to Kari A Guardian’s Life



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