Praying Character Profile

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Captain Lysandra Tia Tiburtinus: 25 years old, Eldest child. Progeny, took college classes while going to high school, as wanted a normal teenage experience. Bachelor’s degree at 18. Master’s at 19 (University of Iowa). Joined the Army as was JROTC/ROTC through high school/college. Did 4 years and joined Reserves. Went back got Ph. D at 25. Ph. D (University of Chicago) in Linguistics and Behavioral and Childhood Psychology. Speaks: Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, English, Sign Language. Was just accepted into Yale Law. Plans to become a Family Lawyer. In high school was the cheerleader, Prom Queen, popular, dated the quarterback/ Prom King /popular boy/ Frat king, was part of Delta Alpha Theta sorority. Recently broke up with Brian. Tattoos Army Emblem on left bicep. Motto: This We’ll Defend on back of her neck and a Rosary that goes down her right forearm and around her wrist and hand. 5′ 8″ 135lbs sun kissed tanned skin, blonde hair (shorty pixie like cut, shaved almost on one side. Asymmetrical. Blue/violet eyes. Has habit of drumming her fingers, one two three slight pause four, one two three slight pause four. Style is casual: jeans and t-shirts, chucks or boots. Always wearing an Opal cross necklace she inherited from her grandmother. Was daddy’s princess didn’t get along with her mom really well, but would go to her for advice. Speech is fast, to slow, sultry, sexy, comes off average to pretentious depending on the situation. Generally is cool and confident wears a mask of indifference when not around her family. Insomniac, hobbies are baking, biking, she wakes no later than five, most of the times up by four in the morning, bed at midnight. When in public instead of socializing unless needed she watches people, reads their body language, she can deduce most things about people, as can her siblings as they were taught to read people. She had the All American Apple Pie life up until her parents’ death. She can be a bit of a snob and arrogant. She is loyal and honorable but doesn’t like to show her emotions and keeps most people at arm’s length. She comes off as a narcissistic. She seems self-involved when she puts up her mask, but is compassionate and caring. Her political views are middle ground, registered Democrat when she was 17 and half. Her biggest flaw is her attitude.

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