Clownpocalypse: Halloween

Clownpocalypse: Halloween
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved
            Jimmy smirked as his baseball bat made contact with another head as he walked through an abandoned sports store. He was on the hunt for batteries, sunglasses, Golf clubs, bullets, all the normal zombie clown hunting stuff. He laughed out loud. “Oh, God, Zombie Fucking Clowns.” He laughed as he grabbed a gun bag and a golf club bag. “That is great!” His phone started to ring. Unknown Number. He frowned. “Black Hawk County Morgue! They dead, we freeze ‘em!”
            Bobby snorted his drink through his nose. “My phone is dead jackass. That was premium caffeine goodness you just made me snort through my nose. I have to charge it. I am at a gas station at the border.  Happy Halloween fucker.”
            Jimmy laughed. “Hey bro! Look I am stocking up. I found me a sweet truck. You aren’t in that beater are you?”
            “Hell no. I lived in the city of angels. I killed my neighbor and took his sweet ass truck. I hit a few stores between there and the border. How you doing?”
            “Was your neighbor a clown Bobby?”
            “He was a damn clown before the damn make up, but yeah, he was dressed like one so he got killed like one.” Bobby smirked. “He was on my list anyways. You know the list where don’t matter if you a zombie or not but in the zombie apocalypse you are dying?”
            Jimmy laughed as he took a golf club to a zombie clown in the parking lot as he threw his first load in the back of his truck. “You know Bobby how you fit in that artist scene out in LA I don’t know.”
            “Eccentric was good. And I mostly hung around the tattoo parlors and drew them some original designs.” Bobby stated as he pointed his gun at a zombie clown about fifty feet away and pulled the trigger; the brains splattered across a rock poster and the thing fell dead.
            “Hey! Did you loot any famous people’s houses? I looked for some in NYC but their apartments were hard to break into so I only got a few things.” Jimmy ripped open a headset for his phone. “Just a sec bro!” He synced them up and added a few more to his car ripping a couple open to charge on his new multiport charger. “Go for wireless!” He stated as he took a golf club and went and killed a few of the leeches of society.
            Bobby rolled his eyes. “Stay safe princess.” Bobby growled.
            Jimmy laughed. “You too cupcake!” With that Jimmy ended the call. Jimmy looked at the group of zombie clowns and ran back into the sporting store and grabbed another bag of stuff and stuff to make his own bullets and jumped into his kick ass truck.
            Jimmy was driving along playing is music and “FIFTY POINTS! Half a Zombie!” He yelled into the phone connected to the counsel.
            “Damn it Jimmy!” Came the voice on the other end. “Did you have to yell that?”
            “You are the one that said to stay on the line Kitty!”
            “Do not call me Kitty!” Came a yell.
            “But Kitty, you were almost my sister!”
            “My name is Katrina! Not Kitty! And it isn’t my fault your brother took off to LA and now we are one of three damn people we know alive!”
            “He took off because he caught you in bed with his former best friend.”
            “We were dressed!”
            “Well, that former best friend said stuff happened. And he knew about your birth mark on your inner thigh.”
            Kitty cursed. “That is why he just packed and left claiming that he needed to get away from us.”
            “Yeah.” Jimmy stated. “You are on the way to home right?”
            “Yeah. You and Bobby are, and really I would rather be with you two. I was down in Dallas so chances are I might meet up with Bobby.”
            “Hope so Kitty. Will allow you two to work things out.”
            “Yes this bloody Clownpocalypse is perfect for me and Bobby to get back together, get married and have little babies.” Kitty stated; Jimmy could hear the sarcasm dripping from her lips.
            “Hey it could be worse. You know Bobby still loves you.” Jimmy stated as he smirked. “Look! It says town trick or treating! Time to film!” Jimmy stated as he took the exit toward the town.
            Kitty sighed. “Send me footage. I am hanging up. I see a gas station.”
            “Stay safe my sista from another mista!” Jimmy stated and ended the call. He pulled to a stop. He smirked as he laid and waited. He knew this town. The Halloween town here came alive exactly at dusk. It would bring the clown zombies and he would have some fun.
            Bobby sighed as he kept driving. He looked at his phone and at Katrina’s number. He wanted to call, but he was afraid of no answer. He was afraid she would be dead. He stopped at a mall. He saw the sporting goods store. He took his AR, a couple of hand guns, a knife and his baseball bat. He opened his car door and looked around. He had to get a few things. He put his phone on high and stuck it in his shirt pocket. Time to go shopping. He walked into the mall. It was decorated for Halloween. Oh that is right tonight was Halloween. He kept an eye on his surroundings. Ready to Nope Out if he needed to do so; he saw a hat shop. He looked around and grabbed a cart. A few hats never went amiss when dealing with the sun. He thought. He picked up all the ones of his favorite teams as well as Jimmy’s and Katrina’s. That got him to pause for a moment. Katrina had to be alive. She had to be. And when he was on the road again he would call her. He had to know. He after all loved her. He moved down the mall towards the sporting goods store. He stopped at the jewelry store. He looked at them and broke the glass taking the ring that once upon a time Katrina had showed him. He checked the size and smiled. He grabbed a few other things and made his way to the sports store. He didn’t let his guard down. It was too easy. But he slowly and steadily made trips to his truck.
            Jimmy was waiting and then he saw the lights come on and the music start. He got out of his truck with a couple of guns and his baseball bat. Soon he saw all the zombie clowns coming toward the noise! He smiled. “Batter Up!” He yelled. He saw all the clown zombie princesses and super heroes and parents all like clowns, even a zombie clown gorilla! He stood in the middle and took shots and swung his bat. He was having a grand ole time this Halloween! “Trick or Treat! Sorry but now Jimmy Treat for you!” He stated as he took the baseball bat to the head of a parent who had been dragging the zombie Thor and a zombie Loki. He didn’t play with the children. He put them out of their undead existence really quickly. Even if he knew the soul and the personality of the child had already been killed at that first bite. He stayed around for a bit until the zombie clowns were few and far between. He moved and took off his go camera and went and shut off the camera he started on the car. He turned out his laptop and sent them to Bobby and Kitty. After all one of the best things about a Clownpocalypse was the fact nobody was around to shut of the internet or power! YAY! No more bills! He moved to the back of his truck and grabbed some clean clothes and then went into a house making sure it was empty then cleaned up. He was on the road again just a couple hours after his baseball practice using zombie clown heads had started. He smirked. He called his brother.
            Bobby’s phone rang just as he loaded up the last load. “Zombie Killer’s R Us.” He answered.
            “Hey cupcake! I sent you a video!”
            “I saw the email, princess. I will play it when I am on the road again.”
            “Great! I just wanted to let you know I am good! No bites! And I will probably drive for a few hours before pulling off and sleeping.
            “Good. Talk to you later.” Bobby hung up. He moved back towards the mall. Just as he did he turned and saw them. Coming from behind the back. Zombie Clown trick or treaters! He ran back to his car. He put on a go camera on his dash. “How many points are the whole ones?” He yelled as he gunned the engine and mowed down the zombie clown trick or treaters. He didn’t play with them like his brother did. But he would be damned if he let them still exist. His luck soon there would be “Clown Zombie Ethical Treatment” groups. CZET! Ha! Sounded like a someone couldn’t spell Chet! He left a trail of blood and looked to the email. He saw Katrina’s email. He smiled, so she was alive. That was wonderful. He picked up his phone and dialed the number. He held his breath until her voice came on the line. “Katrina…” He whispered.

Day Thrity-One Monster University: Kitty, Lila, and Ida

Kitty, Lila, and Ida
Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

“The three of us always have been together since we were killed. Lila hardly talks and when she does it is soft. She was the only one to get a chance to fight back that night. The night we were killed. We waited for so long for justice. We were so sure they would catch the killer. Lila was so bitter. So very bitter. She still is most of the time. This man stole her innocence and then killed her. And she has to remember it. We were killed in our sleep. But our friend… when we died we cried with  her. So we stayed with her. We could have moved on, but Lila is as good as our blood. We had to stay. Ida always tries to keep us positive, she was bubbly in life as she is in death. Even as we waited and waited for justice that would never come. And for some reason neither ever blamed me. Though I was the reason they were there that night. A sleep over turned into ghastly murders. I had begged and begged that night for them to stay over. And finally got their parents and mine to say yes. That night we were killed. And when we were denied our justice we made a deal so we could leave the house, the land we haunted being at unrest, and to become ‘living’ ghosts as adults. To keep our bodies and the ability to not be stuck back in that murder house we must kill to keep our humanity. So we comprised and now we kill those who get away with their crimes. After all no person should be damned to remain at unrest, like we have been. With no justice there is not rest for our weary souls.”
Kitty was sitting and going through the local newspapers and the news online. They had to find their yearly victims soon. They always tend to put it off. They don’t like to kill but they do like to see justice served for others. Even if they never got justice themselves. She looked up when Lila came in with her new style. “Lila.”
Lila was looking in the mirror making sure she looked good with her all black clothes, her many, many tattoos, her many piercings, and her dark makeup. “Kitty, find them yet?”
“Found yours. Needed to make sure on Ida’s and mine.” She stated as she pulled away from her research. “You going to Cameron’s party?”
Lila smirked. “Yep.”
Kitty rolled her eyes. “You know you just need to take the bull by the horns and tell that person you are going for that you want to see if a relationship would work out between you two. You are both old enough to be mature if it doesn’t work out. You both exist forever.” Kitty typed a few more things into the computer and waited for the results. “When you going to tell him?”
Lila narrowed her eyes. “None of your business.” She stated. “Now if you excuse me I have a party to get to before Cameron shuts it down.” With that Lila swept out.
Ida came in at that point. “She won’t tell him.”
            “I am sure they will be fine.” Kitty stated. Ida never changed her style much; it was old fashioned and sweet. Which was probably why she was dating that nice ghost that was moving this town next month. “And how is Jared?” She asked.
            “Good. He is getting used to not being tied down to his location. He is moving in next month.” Ida sat down. “Kitty, you really need to get out and do something. I mean Jared is here this weekend and I and he will go do our hunt. You found us the two we needed. Did you verify they were guilty?”
            “Yes, they killed their kids on purpose. Drowned them because they didn’t want their boys to grow up to hurt a woman. Stupid damn people; teach kids right and they won’t grow up to hurt people.” Kitty stated as she looked at the pictures of the boys on her screen.
            Ida nodded. “I and Jared will take care of them Kitty. Why don’t you go out and do something. Anything. Please. You can’t always take care of us. If Lila finally lets go of her bitterness and tells her crush she loves him she will move on. We will always be sisters but we will move on and have separate lives at some time and I don’t want to see you alone.”
            Kitty sighed. “Look I am okay alone. I am just not that person that needs a relationship. And I have my books and everything and one is about to take off which means touring and other things.”
            Ida looked at her. “I and Jared are going out. We will see you tomorrow. Go out Kitty. Even if it is just to a movie. Or to kill your person. Just get out of the house tonight.”
            Kitty signed. “Fine. I will.” Kitty waved to her as her and Jared left.
            Lila was at the party and was standing in a corner. She saw Frank and about gave a blush. But she floated on over. “Hello Frank.”
            Frank looked over and smiled. “Hello Lila! You guys haven’t been around awhile.”
            “We just got back. We were helping a new ghost that took the same deal as us. Ida is dating him now.” Lila stated.
            “Good for her! And what Egyptian costume is this?”
            Lila smirked. “I am death of course. Death can take upon whatever look she wants.”
            Frank laughed. “Hey you  need some help with your  person. I know that is coming up soon?”
            Lila looked shocked. “You would come with me?”
            “Of course. You heard I adopted right?”
            “Yes, little Sophie.” Lila smiled. “I hear she is pretty.”
            “About as pretty as you.” Frank smiled.                     
            Lila blushed. “Would you and Sophie like to go see a movie sometime with me?”
            Frank grinned and threw an arm around her. “How about now. We go take care of your person, we go get something to eat and a movie and then come back to this party. It is very early after all.”
            Lila smiled. “That sounds divine.”
            That found Lila in front of a house. The woman within was a nurse who killed kids just because she couldn’t have kids. They would get sick and she would give them wrong meds and kill them. Nobody ever knew. Lila knocked on the door while Frank and Sophie waited in the car. When there was no answer Lila turned into her ghost form and went through the door to find the woman looking at her trophy case of kills. Lila seeing all those pictures screamed and lunged at her and stuck her hand through the woman’s chest and squeezed the heart and drained the woman’s life force. She then removed her hand and the body dropped to the ground. She sneered and went through the door again. Soon they would find her and justice would be had for all those little kids. She got into the car. She smiled at Frank and turned around and made happy faces at Sophie. That bitterness she held on to for so many years finally creaking and flowing out of her soul.
            Ida and Jared smiled at each other and walked up to the house where they found the couple. They didn’t even knock they just went in and grabbed their hearts and drained their life force. They left without even a thought of what they had just done. They were wrapped up into each other and Ida even put the thoughts of Kitty out of her mind as she finally found a form of peace in her soul; even if she could never move on until the end of days. The fact she hadn’t gotten justice no longer eating at her soul as much as it once did.
            Kitty went for a walk. She wasn’t lying when she said she was fine. She sighed. She didn’t know why but she knew with her sisters happy she would be alone. And she didn’t want to just rush into a relationship just because they wanted her too. She wouldn’t mind a few more friends though. She found herself in front of the house that too many hikers were disappearing at; since the sixties, the most recent being about three days ago. She moved and floated into the house and searched it. She went down to the basement to be shocked. The man had found a way to trap ghosts! There were six of them trying to get out of their traps. She moved and released them and all but two moved on. “You should move on.”
            “No.” They stated. They were a set of twins. In life they were pretty, one boy and one girl. Young. About fifteen.
            “How old were you and when?”
            “Sixteen.” The boy stated.
            “1967.” The girl stated.
            “He can’t trap many of us. Out of the hundred or so he was only able to catch the six of us.” The boy explained.
            “We are Eve and Adam. Our parents were religious we weren’t.” Eve stated.
            “Can we stay with you?”
            “How many of them are there?”
            “Three. Two brothers and a sister.” Adam answered.
            Kitty nodded. She took a deep breath. “Raum.” She whispered.
            The demon appeared. “Kitty!”
            “Same deal for these two, Raven.” She demanded.
            Raven nodded. “Kill one person a year that would go to hell. You get to move about and live a ‘mortal’ immortal life.”
            Both the twins agreed and Kitty moved with them up the stairs. “Now you punch  your fist into their chest and hold on until the heart doesn’t beat any longer then pull out and drop the body.” Kitty explained as she punched the larger one and watched the other two. She smiled when all three bodies fell to the ground. “Well, you can stay with me. I will have Bo set you up in high school to go to school with Caliban. He is a good kid.”
            The twins smiled and bounced about the whole way they followed Kitty home. Maybe adoptive mom is what Kitty needed. She smiled as she picked up the phone. “Adopting two teens, Bo.” She then hung up the phone and smiled at the two kids. “I am going to adopt you.” Both teens smiled and sat down next to her. Kitty didn’t know what the next centuries would bring but they wouldn’t be boring.

Day Thirty Monster Univesrity: Naome

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I was the ruler of the world at one point. Of course there were always questions about rather I ruled and when I ruled. I had many, many names when I was mortal. But my most famous was Nefertiti. Of course people now a days get me confused with that slut Cleopatra. Oh Goddess did I hate her. I am so glad she never actually figured out the secret to immortality. I think I would have preferred death than her being around forever. She so got what she deserved when she died by those Asps. Such lovely creatures snakes, especially Asps, they are the symbol of my company now. Yes my company, I am a ruler a different way now a days. I own my business; which of course has fingers in every other business, money and gold and power are needed after all in this life and any other life. We have gotten people addicted to cell phones, to computers, we control them. Most wouldn’t be able to function without technology. Nefertiti International. I may go by Naome now but I am still the queen I was. After all my past is still in mystery to the mortals who found my daughter’s and my mother’s tomb. Kill my son. I killed them. Then used every forbidden magic possible and brought my son back to life. Cursing myself and him into immortality. But it could be worse. After all I am rich, hot, and very much in charge. So what if our organs are in jars and we have to protect them and feed them blood of mortals to sustain us? I don’t see a problem, a bit amoral of me yes, but I don’t see the problem when I did what any mother would do for her baby.”
            Naome looked up as her personal assistant came in.  He would make a good sacrifice.  She would have to set it up as a retreat for her team soon. There would be a tragic accident on the way back where she was the only survivor. Beth would falsify some medical records and she would have a day of mourning at her company. It happened every so often. Thankfully it was only seven years that this had to happen and nobody ever figured it out. Except that little human that was spying on them. They were going to have to do something about her soon. It was just that everybody was split on what to do. Kill her or turn her. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and looked up and smiled. “Hello Leonard.” She greeted and took the papers for her to sign.
            “Hey boss!” Leonard smiled. “I have the cabins out at Lake Goose booked! The retreat for your executive personal is all set!”
            Naome smiled. “Thank you Leonard. Make sure that everybody knows what time to be here and we will leave here on the bus together.”
            “You aren’t like other CEOs, boss! You are awesome!”
            Naome laughed. “You can’t be a ruler through brute force and punishment alone. Sometimes you need to release the honey.”
            Leonard laughed. “There is a reason it works for you, boss!” He took the papers back after she signed them and left to file them.
            Naome almost felt it was a pity the kid would die. But then again, she couldn’t spare him and take an extra. That would be unfair to the others that were likable in the past and present. She shook her head. Sometimes she wondered if it was worth it to continue or she should lay in her sarcophagus for a while and just sleep. Cameron can always wake her after a bit of time with a ritual of blood. But then again Gus was close to allowing monsters to give birth and though she loved her baby boy, she missed the baby boy times. She sighed and stood up and looked out the window. This trip thankfully was only needed once every seven years. She looked out the window and wondered what it would have been like in the afterlife. She knew the beliefs of her people, but with so many things she has seen in her existence, from the fall of the Egyptian empires, to the birth of a newborn king, to his murder by those who feared what it meant to have the messiah in their ranks, to people denying the existence of a being more powerful than themselves. She snorted. There could be no true atheists.  Because atheism is denying the existence of God, to deny him you have to acknowledge that he exists. She tries not to think about what will happen at the end of this. She knew of the Angel that Jo just finally got to join the team. When asked what would happen to her when time ended she stated forever in purgatory. When asked what that was Alyssa shuddered. A Warrior of Heaven shuddered at the thought of that place and then called it worse than Hell. Naome sighed. Now was not the time to think about this. In fact if she could stop she would. But every so often, every seven years about, she would think about what was waiting for her when the powers that be ended the world. She turned back to her desk and took a deep drink of her coffee and sat back down and went to work on her paperwork.
            The weekend came fast and Naome was dressed for camping. She smiled at each employee as she checked off the seven names that were coming with her. It was her executive staff. She smiled, even though on the inside she was numb, always so numb to this ritual. She did paperwork while her team sang and did road games as they went a few hours out of the way. When they got there they all helped set up came and assigned the cabins. She would let them have their fun and then the night before they went back she would have them each old a jar as she drained their blood and life force from them. She shook her head to rid her of those unwanted thoughts. First let’s enjoy Friday and Saturday before she had to think about what she was going to do on Sunday night.
            They had a grand time fishing, canoeing, telling ghost stories and making s’mores around the fire. They had fun. Many of them doing these items for the first time ever as they grew up in a technological society that stopped doing these type of activities. Sunday soon came and Naome stood their holding her box of jars. She swallowed. She moved out to the fire. She smiled. “Alright everybody! I want you to all hold on to a jar, don’t open it, while I tell you a ghost story before we go to bed for our last night here!” She tried to sound excited and nobody could tell, well nobody but Cameron, Frank and Lucas who were hiding in her cabin to help her move the bodies into the bus before it’s fiery accident. She started her story about a group of campers who skipped school and were killed. As she told the story they held the jars and they drained their blood. They felt no pain and no shock. They just thought it was the fire that made Naome glow as she gained their life forces. Soon the story and the deed was done and her son and his friends came out to help clean up. Naome put her jaws back in her miniature sarcophagus and then sat down to cry.
            Cameron knew this hurt his mother. “I swear mother I will find a way to change this. I promise. Why don’t you take her home Lucas? Frank and I got this.”
            Lucas nodded. “Come on Queen Naome.” Lucas took the sarcophagus and went to the car. Naome just let them help her into the car and sat and stared out the window as Lucas drove them home. She hoped Cameron was right and there was a way around this ritual that had to happen every seven years. She really hated taking the lives of people she had known for at least one year if not seven. She was helped into her home and when Lucas left she cried herself to sleep. For a monster she was a gentle soul that only ruled with an iron fist when needed. She closed her eyes and hoped that Cameron kept his promise… But she would always do as she must to protect her son,

even if it killed her soul.

Day Twenty-Nine Monster University: Cameron

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I am a King. I am denied nothing. I look at my ‘Authentic Ancient Egyptian Organ Jars’ and smirk. They do hold my organs. I do have to feed them a lot of blood every so often but it is the price of immortality. Which my mother gave me. After killing my idiotic sister and grandmother for killing me for power. I was called the Boy King. I hate that title. I may have been a boy then but I am no longer.  I stopped aging sometime after I hit twenty. Of course our sacrifices had to be drawn to touch the jars and my mother has her ‘assistants’ and I find mine in my ‘girlfriends and boyfriends.’ What I am a King nothing is forbidden or denied me. It is that time of year again. I should throw a party in the style of my birth. Lots of wine, fruits, and the taste of forbidden fruit. One thing that society went backwards on is how to appreciate its workers. Bread, Beer, Sex, and A Place to Sleep, that is what made the people happy. Even today you give them food, alcohol sex, and a place to sleep they are still happy but society has made them think they need these ‘things’ to be happy. Not that gold is bad, I love it, but I could go without it.  Yes I think it is time for one of my parties and not Drake’s!”
            Cameron hummed as he put up the posters for ‘Egyptian Themed Pre-Halloween Party!’  He had his current squeeze hanging off of him.  He was fun but it was time to move on.  Oh he would play the concerned boyfriend and grieving lover but really it made it so much easier to pick the next of his lovers. After all he wasn’t ever single long, and that waitress at Morgan’s would be good to have hanging off his arm after his grieving period. People think he is just a flirt, but seriously Cameron was a very selfish man who took what he want, when he wanted. Only people that he really cared about were his mother and his monster family. He slapped another post up. He looked to his sacrifice, he means significant other. “Hey doll, can you go around to the main buildings and slap a few of these up? This party will be epic! Egyptian themed costumes only!” Cameron laughed as he untangled himself from his sacrifice… damn it, boyfriend. He really never did get into not calling them sacrifices in his head.
            “Sure thing Cam!” Steve stated and took the pile of papers and bounced away.
            “And there is another reason he will be my sacrifice.” Cameron muttered to turn around when he heard a laugh.
            “You should be careful what you say in public my dear.”
            “Mother! What are you doing on campus?”
            “I heard about this epic party you are throwing. You were always a show off.” Naome kissed his head.
            “Of course I am.” Cameron puffed out his chest. “I am a King. It is in my blood to show off, after all my mother was a king and queen.” He smirked.
            Naome rolled her eyes. “And that boy will be enough?”
            “Nah, I plan on taking him and six others into my room and having them each touch one of my seven jars. And well you know what happens then.” Cameron gave a smile.
            Naome sighed. “Behave. Have you already set it up with who you need to set it up as?”
            “Yep, Ewan is going to help me put them all in van and the van will crash into the river. Gus will state drunk driving and lost control and they drowned after crashing and passing out.” Cameron stated.
            “Good.” Naome kissed his head. “I shall see you later my baby boy.”
            Cameron nodded. “Later Mother!” He called as he bounced off to his next class; after all he was majoring in archeology this time. Maybe he would ‘discover’ a hidden room in his tomb when they went to Egypt in the summer. He laughed out loud at that as he walked in and handed in his term paper titled ‘Beer, Bread, and the Pyramid Builders’, after all people forget that slavery was abolished mostly in Egypt by the time the pyramids went up and the workers were paid in the all the beer and bread they wanted while they worked and everybody had a place to sleep. Yeah there were bad periods in Egyptian history but all civilizations have rough spots of amoral actions against humanity.
            The night of his party was upon him and he was dressed in his finest robes and looked every inch the king he was in both life and death. Cameron smirked as he looked in the mirror. “You are one handsome King!” He told himself as he checked himself out.
            “My God, Boy King, you are the most narcissistic person I have ever meet in my undead life.” Frank laughed behind him, dressed as an Egyptian Priest.
            “Can you not call me Boy King?”
            Frank chuckled as he held Sophie who was dressed as an Egyptian Princess. “I have called you the Boy King since I was taught those words and how they were associated with you.”
            Cameron glared at him and then took Sophie. “Your daddy is a very silly little man. You listen to Uncle Cameron and life will be okay little Princess Sophie!” Cameron tickled her.
            Frank rolled his eyes. “Do you need help moving them to the van after?”
            Cameron nodded. “Thanks Frank. You know for all the crap we give each other you soulless bastard, we are brothers right?”
            Frank nodded. “Don’t get mushy Boy King. We got a party to throw and to feed your immortality.” Frank took Sophie back and gave the Boy King a half hug. “No come on, we have to show the world what an Egyptian Party really is like!” Frank gave a laugh.
            Cameron smiled. He did truly find a better family in his undead life, besides his mother who he always worshiped. “Show Drake what a party is really like!” Cameron laughed as he checked his head piece.
            Frank pushed him tilting the head piece and then laughed as he walked out of the room. “Later Boy King.”
            Cameron rolled his eyes as he placed his head piece again. “You are fabulous.” He stated in the mirror before going and starting the party.
            The party was in full swing and there were Nefertitis and Cleopatras and knock-offs of the Boy King. But the party was going strong and was very enjoyable. Frank had went to his lab in the basement with Sophie about fifteen minutes ago because Sophie was upset with the noise. Drake had disappeared with a couple of Cleopatras into his room. Lucas had gone with Frank. Cameron smirked. He beckoned Steve over with six others who were enticed to follow him. Being a mummy did have its benefits. He brought them over to his hidden room where he had his jars. “Hey, I wanted to show you all of these. They are real and all the way from a tomb in Egypt!” Cameron smiled.
            The seven people looked at him. “Can we touch?” The question was on all of their tongues.
            “Of course. Each of you can touch one!” Cameron stated.
            The seven did not hesitate and each reached a hand out and touched a jar. As soon as they did the door slammed shut and it was like a fog rolled in and Cameron changed before their eyes to be wrapped up just like an Egyptian mummy! They screamed but they felt the jars cut into their hands and their blood was being drained away. Cameron stood and allowed the life force flow from the jars and into his body. The blood drained into the jars and filled the organs with life, the life was then converted into an energy that flowed to Cameron. Soon the bodies all fell to the ground drained of blood and the organ in which was in the jar now was missing from the body that supplied the blood to give Cameron his immortal life. Cameron left the room and finished the party. He and Frank would take care of the bodies later. He had a glow to his cheeks now and his cheeks were flushed. Oh the rush of new blood. He smirked as he accepted the drink from the waitress he had been flirting with, ah soon new blood soon!  


Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved
At first it was just a bunch of random people popping up as clowns on the east coast. Nobody thought much of it. Then they started standing in back yards and stalking people. Watching people. Slowly more and more started popping up. Soon it was in five states, then ten, then twenty, soon it hit the whole United States. Still people just thought it was odd. An oddity and they became a bit more aware of their surroundings, and then got the hell out of dodge if they saw a clown. The motto of the nation seemed to become ‘Nope Outta There!’ and those who got to close… well they weren’t seen again.
Bobby was watching the news as he worked or his next painting. The stupid clown thing again. What was with them? It wasn’t because of a movie, a book, a show, an art show; it wasn’t to promote anything but chaos. He thought it was stupid.  Seriously a bunch of grown ass people out there dressed as clowns scaring the hell out of the sheep. He snorted as he threw his brush against the wall as his painting still wasn’t coming out the way he wanted it too. “Seriously the stupidity of people is hindering my creative process.” He muttered as he heard the news.
‘There are letters being sent to various law enforcement officers stating that all will soon come to head. That there will be blood. That there will be rivers of blood down the roads of the country. Residents are urged to not try to contact or deal with these clowns yourself and contact the local authorities.’
Bobby threw a shoe at his old as fuck television shutting it off. He only had it for the news channels and that barely worked. It took a friend a lot of re-wiring and other things for him to keep that television. He would have to upgrade soon. But seriously this country was becoming more and more idiotic with each passing moment! First the presidential candidates were jokes, how the hell America allowed that to happen he would never know, riots and hate that hasn’t really been seen for a long while was rearing its ugly head again, and then these fucking clowns! Bobby glared at his unfinished work. He was upset. He looked at the date. It was the weekend of Halloween. He shrugged. Might as well go out and have a few beers. His favorite bar wouldn’t be too busy, all the parties were mostly at the dance clubs and such anyways, with that he grabbed his jacket and left to have some beer.
He was walking home around two in the morning. “Strange.” He whispered. The streets were dead. They shouldn’t be dead on a Saturday night before Halloween. It should be filled with drunk college kids and other adults trying to forget how miserable their lives were and how their dreams had died dark and horrible deaths as they got day jobs and forgot to dream. He saw a couple of people in clown outfits dragging themselves toward him. He rolled his eyes and decided to nope out and went another way home. Once home he locked his doors and went to bed.
The next morning he moaned over his hangover as he dropped a couple of Alka-Seltzers into a Bloody Mary. Damn it he was an artist he had to live up to the stereotype somehow besides the fact he won’t make a dime of his stuff until he is dead. He chugged his mix as he slammed on this television… to get static. Great! The damn thing finally broke. He glared at it. Fine, he would go finally break down and buy a new one after he had a shower. He trudged to the bathroom slamming the door behind him. It made him feel a little better.
After his shower and another Bloody Mary and a cup of coffee he grabbed his to go cup of coffee and went outside. He flicked his eyes all around. There were crashed cars, sirens going off, and screams and smoke in the distance. He shrugged and got into his car, he had to go waste some money on a damn television so he could watch the news he really would get pissed off over.  He just had locked his doors and started to back out when a damn bloody clown jumped onto the hood of his car. Bobby refused to say he screamed but he did curse as his coffee tipped over his hand as he was setting it in the cup holder. He slammed on his brakes and stared for a moment before the crazy fucking clown zombie thing starting to bash in his window. He took off like a bat out of hell and down the road. Fuck! “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Bobby slammed his hand on the wheel. “That was a messed up prank. Has to be a prank.” He shook his head and then took a deep drink of his coffee. “Let’s just get to the damn supercenter and get that stupid television.”
Bobby pulled into the stupid store he hated but was within his budget and blinked. Okay, this is the deadest ever. He thought as he went into the automatic doors. He looked around. It was too silent. Where was the grouchy old greeter? Where were the annoying kids? Where were the insane wacko crazies? He moved back toward the electronics. He looked around. It looked like a damn hurricane came through here. He moved to grab a television when he saw two bloody looking clowns. “Look whatever this joke is, I am done.” He stated.
The clowns came charging at him. Bobby did the only thing he could think of and picked up a television and bashed them over the heads, killing them… again. Bobby swallowed. “Maybe not a prank.” He whispered. He took a few deep breaths.  “Oh damn it all to hell.” He grabbed a cart and moved toward the hunting section. He cleaned them out of the bullets, knifes, camping stuff and then after stuffing it all in his car, he went back and stuffed it full of food. He went home and barricade his home after making sure he could get in. He then picked up the phone. “Pick up the damn phone, I pay the bill for you to pick it up!” He yelled in it.
“Yo brother! Did you see what is going on out there?”
“No I didn’t. I just had to like kill three of the damn things because I didn’t know what was going on. What the hell?”
“Dude, it seems like some crazy wack person wanted a zombie Armageddon, because he had been preparing for it all and dude he fucked up somehow and now they all get a need to dress like clowns before they die. You get bite, you get a fever, you dress up like clown, you die.”
“Where you at?”
He could hear the smirk of his brother. “Hunting.” He laughed. “I will be by your place in a couple of hours.”
“Damn it Jimmy!”
“Don’t damn it Jimmy me! I have been preparing for this; my years of video gaming and moving watching will now come in handy!” Jimmy laughed and hung up.
Bobby sighed but made sure his house was barricaded. Why people in the movies always went out hunting or finding people he never knew. He didn’t have anybody but his brother. And his brother was on his way here. Oh who the hell was he kidding? He would be bored staying here. He may be an artist but hell he was raised as an Iowa boy. Time to go back home. He picked up the phone. “Meet me at home. Iowa.” He hung up. He went outside and smirked. He always wanted his neighbor’s truck. He went over and broke into the home shooting his neighbor clown zombie in the head and taking the keys. “Thanks Mitch! Always wanted your truck.” He then moved and pulled it up to his backdoor and filled it with his weapons and food. “Let’s get on the road.” He stated as he put his St. Christopher medal in the rearview mirror. He smirked as he pulled out on the high way. This was going to be an adventure. At least he wouldn’t have to deal with the damn election. Zombie Clowns. Damn it, who would have thought that when the zombie apocalypse came they would be dressed like clowns. He laughed as he hit the gas. “Should be fun.” He stated to nobody as he got the truck up to eighty five. “Damn it Mitch! Don’t you ever fill up your tank?”

Day Twenty-Eight Monster University: Caliban

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I look at myself in the mirror at what I became. What I allowed anger and hate change me into. When people see me they see the charming handsome young man that I portray. But then again everybody wears a mask and the man who caused my hate was nice and friendly and then he killed me. I hate masks. I hate fakes. But we all must wear them. Some wear them because they are afraid. Others wear them to be accepted. Others wear them to protect themselves. But some, the ones I hate, truly hate because hate is such a harsh word, those masks hide an evil worse than any monster that exists. Those masks under friendly adults, under helpful hands, under the smiles and layer of false love, under all that is a monster that would prey and hurt children in the worst possible of ways before taking their lives. Because of one such person in my human life, I allowed so much hate to fester I became a boogeyman, not the worse ones, not them, they are the humans, no I actually became a boogeyman. But I don’t go after kids. No. After all I never got to grow up from being a child when I was living. No to keep my abilities I must drain the marrow out of 75 people a year. I go for those who prey on children and show the world a mask better than mine.”
            Caliban sat at home; well he was laying on the couch wondering what game to play. He lived with Beth. He was a teenager here; and Beth was his foster mom. Of course she loved him as much as she loved any child. She loved children. She had started to date Bo, and I was okay with that. Bo was a good monster. Good man.  He let out a humph when a weight landed on his chest. He looked down and smiled. It was the dog Frank made him. He said it wouldn’t do for his brother to not have a pet. The dog was a small dog, not much more than a puppy. He had been ran over and left for dead. Frank did some of his and Beth’s magic and he had a puppy for life. He was a lab that would never grow up. Much like Caliban would never grow up. That was taken from him by a monster worse than any monster he has met.
            Caliban closed his eyes. He opened his mouth as if to scream. But he couldn’t. The demons within him fought against his mind. They wanted out to torment those monsters that he knew were in town. But he had promised Beth he would behave as a mature monster. So Caliban took the internal monster within his mind and pushed him down on his knees and told him to wait. They would soon be selfish and take what they wanted. What they needed. He pet his puppy, which he had named Mark. Mark was such a normal name, but then again all the monsters had ‘normal’ names. His was exotic but that was because it was his name given to him by his parents many centuries ago and he never wanted to let go of the one thing that helped him to remember to not be a blood thirsty monster. It was his tether to his conscience.
            Caliban remembered that day clearly. He had been with his coach, cliché he knew, but then again there was a reason even the bad events in people’s lives had clichés, his coach had turned on him and hurt him so badly. Taken his innocence and then killed him. Caliban’s spirit had been so furious. So very furious. The anger welled up in his spirit and he made a deal. Who Caliban called the devil came to him, he was in a three piece suit and told Caliban he was special, he would become a monster. A boogeyman to prey upon the real boogeymen, to prey upon the scum of humanity. In exchange he had to kill seventy five real life monsters, meaning humans, a year that would hurt children and do what his coach had done to him and to continue living the immortal life and taking out the scum for the end of days he had to suck the marrow out of the bones of the mortals he killed. Caliban had readily agreed being an eight year old that was furious with the hand fate had dealt him. So there he was kneeling in front of the devil with the three piece suit and made a deal that made him this… this monster. He was a boogeyman that prey upon the scum of society. He drank the marrow and he gained his magic and his power to live a normalish life. He was teen thanks to his magic, and Beth loved him like a mother. He had games and went to school and even had a pet. Beth and Frank made sure that he somewhat of a childhood every so often. He was grateful to them. They saved him. He was going around just killing all who triggered his senses. He was leaving a trail of blood and pain. After all he had nobody. He had not a single soul. Then Beth and Frank found him. Taught him. Cared for him. Frank was very much his brother and Beth was very much their mother. He smiled and the demons quieted down. He would have to kill three soon. And he had the three in mind. There was a coach, vice-principal, and a parent volunteer at his high school preying on kids. He had gotten close to all of them and he knew their plan was to involve all of them when they killed him. He, of course, was going to kill them, drink their marrow and leave their rotten bodies hidden in a shallow hole to be found in a decade. Long after the trail had gone cold.
            “Caliban!” Beth called as she came home.
            “In here mom!” He yelled.
            Beth smiled. “Did you get all your homework done?”
            “Yes mom.”
            “Your planning?”
            “Yes mom.”
            “All set then?”
            “Three days time.”
            “Good! Did you want me to wait and pick you up?”
            “Can Frank?”
            “Sure he will!”
            “Even with Sophie?”
            “Yes even with Sophie Caliban. You know Frank loves you. And you are Sophie’s favorite uncle.”
            Caliban laughed. “I am her only uncle. And she is a cute kid.”
            “Of course she is. She is a Frankenstein just like you, Frank and I. Now go cleanup for dinner.”
            Caliban rolled his eyes, but did as he was told. Yeah he loved being a Frankenstein. He was loved and cared for, and happy.
            Three nights later he was at the school. His mask on. “It is sure nice of the three of you to help me with my homework and practice for the football team.” He was telling his victims.
            “It is no trouble at all.” One of them stated as he handed him a doctored drink.
            Caliban mentally snorted. These drugs had no effects on monsters. He drank it and waited until they made their move. As soon as he saw them move at him, he used his magic to look like a monster. And attacked. He sliced all three of their throats with one swipe, and as they lay bleeding out he started to peal their skin away to get to their bones and their life source within the bones. A few hours later Caliban was sitting there sucking on the last bone. A pile was thrown behind him and organs and blood was everywhere. He called Tony. “Hey man, the high school gym.”
            “No problem little monster!” Tony laughed. “Later.”
            Caliban went down to the locker rooms and cleaned up and then rushed outside. He saw Frank waiting for him, without Sophie (Bonus!). “Hey Frank!”
            Frank moved and hugged him. “Thought we would have a guys’ night. Movies and video games until mother called and yelled at us.”
            Caliban smiled. He couldn’t believe it. A whole night with Frank without the crying poop machine that he loved, but she took so much of Frank’s time. “That sounds awesome!”
            Frank laughed and ruffled Caliban’s hair. “Thought you would like it!” He got into the car. “So let’s go to the mall and I hear the popcorn is actually fresh today!”
            Caliban smiled. His human life may have been cut short tragically but the fates and that devil man made up for it in his undead life. He found a true family. And he couldn’t be happier. After all not only did he prevent other kids from having their lives cut short, but he also had a brother, mother and a little niece. He settled back ready for a guys’ night with night with his brother. His greatest blessing in this undead life of his, an older brother who has more than once killed for him; he turned and smiled at Frank. Frank ruffled his hair again as they drove the twenty minutes to the mall. And as Caliban sat down with his popcorn, candy and soda he realized that the demons in his mind were finally quiet, not even a mummer, because he finally accepted his life as a monster.

Day Twenty-Seven Monster University: Jon

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I hate humans! They think just because we weren’t born we are monsters! I see it every Halloween or when Hollywood wants to romanticize us as being misunderstood! Well, we are but that is beside the point. None of us asked for an undead life… well that isn’t true there are a few monsters that hunted for immortality and gained it. Some of us didn’t even ask to exist! I mean it wasn’t like I told Count Johann Ferdnand Von Kustien to create me! I didn’t ask for visions of those who are horrible people, dishonest and allowing violence to take over. I didn’t ask to have to fight to the death of all my 9 siblings just to live! I don’t ask to have to drink the blood of forty humans a year around Halloween and into Thanksgiving. But I must if I want to pass for a little person. I mean even with my magic I am no taller than four foot. In my natural form I am about a foot tall. But I am deadly. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the fight to live; just to be surrounded by all this death. But then again I am not totally moral either so I can’t say anything. Even if I spend my days preaching it.”
            “Pastor Jon!” A voice yelled out for him.
            Jon turned around. “Oh Richard how are you?”
            “Fine, fine, do you have time to hear a confession?”
            “Of course Richard.” Jon stated with a smile. He didn’t know why he chose this lot when they moved. Maybe because his last college degree was in religions. But having someone in the church allowed for suspension to be thrown away from them; after all, who didn’t believe the word of the town pastor?
            Richard looked relieved and went into the confessional. “Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been a few years since my last confession.”
            Jon listened to his minor offenses and then he heard Richard’s voice catch and a hesitation to continue. Ooo… What juicy secret did Richard have? Jon knew he had an off feeling about him, but with so many people in the town it was hard for him to pinpoint exactly who the evil ones were, which is why being the pastor was another bonus. Confessions! It allowed him to find his forty victims and spread them through October and November. He was up to thirty nine down and needed only one more and it wasn’t even close to the end of November yet. Boy, do college towns really bring out the horrible, dishonest, violent, amoral people of the world. “Go on Richard, I am not here to judge, to just listen and give you your penance.”
            Richard nodded to himself. “You see Pastor, I was cheating on my wife… with another man and when that man wanted to go public…” Richard paused again and swallowed. “I killed him. I killed him so he wouldn’t mess up this perfect suburban life I lead. I had loved him… but he was going to tell my wife! My wife would have taken my money when she left!”
            Jon raised an eyebrow. He knew Richard and his wife had three children, but that wasn’t the reason he gave for not wanting his wife to leave. No, he said money. “Richard, you should confess to the police. But that is up to you. For your penance I give you one hundred service hours to the church and a dozen rosaries before bed, every night for a year.”
            “Thank you Pastor!” Richard stated and left.
            Jon rolled his eyes as he locked up the church. He swore the mortals were getting worse and worse with each passing year. The corruption, lies, murders, other violent crimes, they were always on the rise and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sometimes it hurt Jon’s very being, for all he has done and does in his created, artificial, messed up undead life, he was a somewhat of a gentle soul. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, in a few days he would kill Richard, drink his blood and get on with this undead life. At least there would be one less amoral man on the street. Killing the one he loved just because of money. It made Jon sick. He looked at the time. He had some time to get to Morgan’s or Jo’s. It would depend on where the other monsters were tonight. He got in his car and drove to his house to change.
            A couple hours later he walked into Morgan’s. He nodded to Morgan and took a seat in the back. “Hey.” He greeted as he sat down.
            Ewan nodded. “When are you going to do your last?” He asked bluntly.
            “Wow, what has your panties in a twist?” Jon asked as he smiled at the waitress coming over.
            “Tony took off and left a mess at his cabin. He hasn’t even cleaned it up yet. And I have families breathing down my neck.”
            Jon winced. For as good as Tony was as a cleaner when it came to his own kills he was a procrastinator to the extreme. “That is never good.”
            Ewan nodded as he finished his beer as the waitress came up. “Another one please Suzie.” He stated.
            “Of course detective. And for your Pastor?”
            “Oh I will take my normal dear. Morgan, makes such lovely meals.”
            “Of course Pastor! Anything to drink?”
            “Red wine.” Jon smiled. “House is fine.”
            “Right away sirs!” Suzie bounced off.
            “So?” Ewan asked when she left.
            “Few days. Bastard was the one behind the death of that nice boy, the one that was kicked out by his family for being gay.”
            “Damn. Wanted to arrest the one who killed Bobby. Who was it?”
            “Richard Gray.”
            “The one married to what’s her face with three kids? Why he kill him?”
            “They were sleeping together and Bobby wanted to make it public. Richard killed him so his wife wouldn’t take his money. Not his kids, not his rep, but his money. Sick bastard.”
            Ewan nodded. “So when you going to drain him?”
            “About a week. Want to let him put his guard back down. He knows we are friends and he thinks I might tell you.” Jon shrugged. “Let him think that he is going to get away with it, and then I will take him out.”
            Ewan nodded. “Good plan.” He stated. Suzie came back then with his beer and Jon’s soup.
            Jon smiled. “Thank you Suzie.” He stated as he looked at the blood pudding soup that Morgan made him. After all he may only need to drain forty humans and drink their blood, but he still loved blood. Blame the way he was created.
            “I still don’t see how you can eat and drink that.” Ewan shuddered.
            “Isn’t my fault that I am a homunculus; I mean come on I was created by being fed human blood for forty weeks. I mean come on man you know my creation was messed up, created in a pumpkin inside a horse’s womb, had to kill my nine siblings to live. And now because of that I have to have the blood of forty humans between October first and November thirtieth.” Jon shrugged. “Because of being feed that blood for forty weeks as I killed my siblings I have a craving for blood, even if I do only kill the minimum needed.” He stated as he spooned the blood soup into his mouth.
            Ewan shuddered. “No offense Jon but your creator was more messed up than Viktor Frankenstein.”
            Jon laughed. “You got that right. Which is why I killed him.”
            “Ewan shook his head. “You are insane.”
            Jon just nodded. And they finished their meal in silence. The one thing about the other monsters was that they could sit in silence and not feel the need to fill it. Oh they were social creatures just like humans, it was just that the things that would bother a human, silence, awkward conversations, taboo subjects, they didn’t bother monsters. They got over that in there centuries long lives. When they finished they said their good byes and went to do their own business. The Undead life was good.
            At the end of the week he saw that Richard had dropped his guard. He smirked. Time to drain him. The wrongness of Richard just kept grating on his nerves now that he could tell what it was about him that he hated. Jon followed Richard from the bank to where the bar. Jon smirked. Jo would wipe the footage if there was any, either that or doctor it so well that the courts would never know; Jo was a succubus of many, many talents. So Jon sat at the end of the bar and waited.
            It was just after two and Richard was walking home when Jon grabbed him. He used his magic to immobilize him. He used it to drag Richard to the roods near the river. Once he had him tied down Jon transformed into his actual self at about a foot tall with razor sharp teeth. “You have been a naughty boy Richard. You killed an innocent. For that I will have to take your life and your life force.” Jon stated as he took in the fear in Richard’s eyes.
Richard knew he was going to die and as Jon’s fangs entered his neck he wished he could scream at the pain but he had been silenced.
            It took a few hours for Jon to drain Richard but soon every last drop was gone from his body. He used magic to cover the wound and then used the magic to put water in his lungs. He then rolled the body into the river. He smirked and used his magic to go to his taller height again. He dusted off his hands and took a deep breath as the life force of the forty over the month flowed through him and boosted his powers once more. He took another deep breath and then walked out of the woods whistling. Yep, his artificially began existence wasn’t so bad. If it wasn’t for the humans and the dependency that monsters had for them it would almost be perfect. Jon made his way home and sat down with a mug of blood cocoa and his favorite book. Another year until he had to begin again, but for now he could relax and enjoy his monstrous existence.